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Colt McCoy Injury Opens Door For Mark Sanchez, With Predictable Results

December 4, 2018 Sports 2 Views Colt McCoy era in Washington came to a sudden stop on Monday night, when…

Colt McCoy era in Washington came to a sudden stop on Monday night, when McCoy suffered a broken leg against the Philadelphia Eagles and ended most certainly his season. It happened quickly, and McCoy tried to play for it for two further downturns, but eventually it became apparent that he could not continue.

Already, Alex Smith, who suffered from his own groin bone injury two weeks ago, Washington had to go down and pull up [gulp] Mark Sanchez, who has been with the team for all 14 days. His night actually started beautiful, with a 90-yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson at Sanchez’s very first snap in NFL since 2016. But that was the end of the good times. Sanchez finished with 100 meters passing 21 tries, mostly on down-downs and screens. His longest pass through the air actually caught was caught by the wrong team, and Sanchez generally saw a guy who barely knows the name of his teammates, even less the playbook. Washington had more than 13 minutes of possession after McCoy left the match and went on point-point-point-interception point-point after Peterson’s long touchdown and fell to the eagles with 28-13 points. They are now 6-6 in the season and third in the NFC East. They have lost four to five, and Mark Sanchez is their quarterback, and they are dead . They are dead.

Facts are what they are, Washington will need another quarterback to back up The Sanchize. We know a guy!

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