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College basketball power rankings

Why wait until Monday morning for new power rankings? It is our mindset for this college's baskets season – a…

Why wait until Monday morning for new power rankings? It is our mindset for this college’s baskets season – a season that promises to see as many twists as in any new memory. So we’re going to put out new power rankings every day the results demand it.

Kansas and Kentucky fought for our first season # 1 spot, and while Kansas was living up to the hype of the opening night of the season, the same can not be said about Kentucky, wiped out by Duke. We do not usually move teams to No. 1 or out of No. 1 so easily, but Blue Devils beatdown of Kentucky was scary. We knew that Duke might have the highest ceiling for any team in the country that went into the season and we saw that roof on Tuesday evening. Right now, the best team in college basketball.

At the same time, John Calipari entered the campaign convinced of his team, but it is clear that there are still a number of kinks to work out, especially at the defensive end. Calipari has to count out their rotations and optimal lineups, as nothing seemed to work on Tuesday.

1. Duke Blue Devils (1-0)
This Week: Beat Kentucky 118-84; Next Match: vs Army (Sunday, 1:00 ET, ESPN)

Yes, they are good. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the freshman class was their shooting. Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett are combined to shoot 7-to-16 from 3-point range.

2. K ansas jayhawks (1-0)
This week: Beat Michigan State 92-87

The biggest subplot that came out of Kansas was the use of Udoka Azubuike. Bill Self sa Azubuike is the team’s No. 1 option, but the team is still sprouting him late in game.

3. Gonzaga Bulldogs (1-0)
This week: Beat Idaho State 120-97. Next Match: vs Texas Southern (Saturday 10:00 ET)

While all eyes were on Champions Classic, Gonzaga temporarily fell 120 points at Idaho State in the Pacific Northwest. Rui Hachimura had 33 points.

4. Nevada Wolf Pack (1-0)
This Week: Beat BYU 86-70. Next Match: vs Pacific (Friday 10:00 ET, ESPN3)

The depth of the night was on full screen on Tuesday night when Caleb and Cody Martin fought to score – but Jordan Caroline was dominated early.

5. Virginia Cavaliers (1-0)
This Week: Beat Towson 73-42. Next match: George Washington (Sunday, 2:00 ET, ACC Network)

Virginia sees the biggest jump from the advance ratings, as the first ratings came out before Braxton Key got an exception to play immediately.

6. North Carolina Tar Heels (1-0)
This week: Beat Wofford 78-67. Next Match: vs Elon (Friday, 7 p.m., ESPNU)

Full credit to Roy Williams to start the season by going to Wofford and heading to Elon. More elite teams must play the roads early, especially towards the middle of majors.

7 . Auburn Tigers (1-0)
This week: Beat South Alabama 101-58. Next match: vs Washington (Friday, 9:30 PM ET)

Tigers are still an ongoing work in view of the various suspensions and injuries. But if they make 18 3 pointers as they did against South Alabama, they will be fine.

8. Tennessee Volunteers (1-0)
This week: Beat Lenoir Rhyne 86-41. Next match: vs Louisiana (Friday, 9:30 p.m. SEC Network)

Another balanced effort for Tennessee, who had five players in double, but no more than 18 points.

10. Kentucky Wildcats (0-1)
This Week: Lost to Duke 118-84. Next Match: vs Southern Illinois (Friday 19.00, SEC Network)

So they are clearly not as well as expected – yet. Defense is the biggest problem because they were completely driven

11. Oregon Ducks (1-0)
This Week: Beat Portland State 84-57. Next Match: vs Eastern Washington (Friday 21:00 ET)

We Will not See How Great Oregon Really is until the ducks get completely healthy, which may not be until December.

12. Syracuse Orange (1-0)
This week: Beat Eastern Washington 66-34. N Best gam e: vs. Morehead State (Saturday 19:00, ACC Network) [19659002] As Oregon’s Orange on short-term damage – but their defense was more than enough on Tuesday and hold Eastern Washington to 34 points. 19659002] 13. Virginia Tech Hokies (0-0)
This Week: vs Gardner Web (Friday 19:00 ET, ACC Network)

Hokies opens the season on Friday without Chris Clarke, who is temporarily busy [19659002] 14 . Kansas State Wildcats (0-0)
This Week: vs Kennesaw State (Friday, 8:00 ET, ESPN3)

Bruce Weber’s team can be Kansass hardest race in Big 12, but it feels like quite a big gap at this point.

15. Michigan State Spartans (0-1)
This Week: Lost to Kansas 92-87. Next Match: vs Florida Gulf Coast (Sunday, 6 PM ET)

The Spartans are clear behind Kansas in terms of their development, which is understandable. One bright spot was Kenny Goins, who had 17 points and 11 rebounds.

16. Florida State Seminoles (1-0)
This Week: Beat Florida 81-60. Next match: vs Tulane (Sunday, 7:00 ET, ESPN3)

Leonard Hamiltons Seminoles goes up from No. 19 to No. 16 after dominating Florida with 21 points – without Phil Cofer, who is out for another five or six weeks.

Fell out: LSU

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