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Cohen cooperation is proof of Russian “leverage” over Trump, says the forthcoming President of the House President

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By Ben Kamisar


1; New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, incoming chairman of the Household Committee, said Sunday that new revelations from one of President Trump’s allied amounts to prove that Russia had “leverage” over Trump during the presidential campaign from 2016.

In an exclusive interview on Meet The Press, Nadler told the former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s assumptions last week in connection with his role in securing a Trump Tower in Moscow meanwhile for the GOP president’s primary raise the language of a compromised presidential candidate, and now president, it would be anxious to the American people.

“He lied to the American people about doing business in Russia and the Kremlin knew that he was kidding the Kremlin,” said Nadler.

“A question we have now is the Kremlin still holding a grip on him because of other lies they know about?” [19659010] Na Dler’s comments come days after Cohen claimed to lie to Congress for his role in the Trump organization’s business relations with Russia around the presidential campaign. As part of the prosecution, he promised to collaborate with Robert Mueller’s Special Council’s investigation as to whether Trump’s campaign or allies cooperated with the Russians during the election.

The president’s former lawyer told the court that he was wrong when he said the project fell in January 2016, since he continued the work on the project until June 2016. And he said he was lying when he told the Congress that he never traveled to Russia in connection with the project and when he said he had never talked to a Russian official about it. 19659007] The revelations are the latest warning sign for Trump about the Special Council’s investigation of possible interaction between his presidential campaign in Russia. Even this week, NBC News reported on court records showing that a former Trump adviser received an email from an allied reference about a possible document dump soon before WikiLeaks began releasing leaked e-mail from Democrats.

Trump, who previously claimed that he has “nothing to do with Russia” told reporters on Thursday that Cohen is lying so that prosecutors are mild when he judges him. And he attenuated the possibility that his company negotiates a possible Russian tower under its presidency by claiming that it was “a project that everyone knew about.”

During the Sunday interview, Nadler claimed that business relations could help explain why Trump has talked so much about Russian President Vladimir Putin, who goes back to his presidential campaign. And he warned the president that a democratic congress will rise the congressional monitoring coming in January.

“We have a president who constantly holds for the American people about big things and little things that surround people who inadvertently lie to Americans. The most important fact is now that the time he can escape to lie for it American people all the time and eliminating accountability comes to an end, “he said.

Wyoming Republican later John Barrasso, minted No. 3 Republican Senate, recorded Cohens guilty prosecution in an interview “Meet the Press” Sunday.

“The president is an international businessman, I’m not surprised he did international business. The Cohen is in trouble for conjugal lies, not anything related to the campaign or the Russian influence,” said Barrasso.

When asked if he was concerned that the Republican prime ministers did not know about the negotiations with Russia when they fooled Ostra Trump to be the party’s representative, Barrasso said that Trump has delivered his chosen promise to the Americans.

“People thought it was time for a change, they did not want Hillary Clinton, they wanted a new opportunity and they got it in terms of a strong and healthy and growing economy,” he said before claiming The Mueller probe would end so that the American people can “see what’s in it”.

Barrasso brushed out calls to transfer legislation to protect Mueller from a possible untimely shooting of Trump, while criticizing some mumbles among Democrats that the government should not be funded without that insurance.

“They have crying wolf for two years that Mueller would be fired. Did not happen, will not happen, he says, adding that proposals to keep up the state funding on the issue are” wrong way to go. “

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