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CMPD policymakers are planning controls after the employee is threatened

October 25, 2018 US 1 Views Charlotte's polling stations receive extra police attention after the threat of a armed man…

Charlotte’s polling stations receive extra police attention after the threat of a armed man against a black GOP campaign volunteered in the Steele Creek area.

“The department is conducting planned zoning control at all polling stations through the election on November 6,” according to a statement issued at 4 o’clock on Thursday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police identified suspicion in the Wednesday incident as Jason Donald Wayne, 28, Charlotte.

He is bound to go armed to terror of humans, communicate threats, disorderly behavior and ethnic threat, according to the Mecklenburg County prison posts.

This is the fourth time that Wayne has been arrested during the last two years in Mecklenburg County, including twice for parole violations, imprisonment. He found guilty of abuse of a fatal weapon that causes serious damage by 201

5, according to data.

“CMPD communicates with the FBI to determine if federal fees may be appropriate,” said a police report.

The campaign was voluntarily identified as Derek Partee, and he posted photos on Facebook by the suspect and the two men who followed him.

Derek Partee was volunteer for a Republican candidate at a Charlotte poll site in Steele Creek when he said that a man threatened him and seemed to be armed. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police later arrested Jason Donald Wayne, 28, and said he had a BB weapon in his possession.

Derek Partee

The event occurred around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at 11130 S. Tryon Street, when a campaign volunteered with the Republican party said he saw someone in the parking lot with a camera “photographing or registering the polling place”, according to a police opinion.

“The victim approached suspected when the suspect began to target the victims to the victim. The victim stated that the suspect threatened to assault him before lifting his shirt and showing a gun that was in a veil on the suspect’s belt,” the publisher said.

The suspect did not touch the campaign voluntarily or took the weapon from

Wayne is not registered to vote in North Carolina, according to government electoral duties.

Investigators said they arrested Wayne at 9:15 pm and he had a BB weapon in a holster.

Jason Donald Wayne, 28, is responsible for communicating threats and ethnic intimidation after allegedly threatening an African-American investigator, according to the Mecklenburg County prison posts.

Mecklenburg County Prison

Wayne was accompanied by two people at the time of the exclusion and they have been identified, police said. “Officers decided they did not violate any laws,” the police wrote in a statement.

Wayne is not registered to vote in North Carolina according to state electorate.

Partee was voluntary to support the state of Senegal Jeff Tarte of Mecklenburg State, according to a statement by Tarte released on Thursday morning.

Partee and Tarte will camp together at the Steele Creek site again on Thursday, according to the statement.

Partee is a former police detective from Long Island, New York, release states, and the state senator complimented his quick thinking when photographing the incident.

“We live in a brazen and bizarre time when we find campaign volunteers and staff experiencing harassment and abuse of workplaces,” wrote Tarte. “None of any political party should ever be exposed to these types of threats and threats in a polling place.”

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