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CMA Awards 2018: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Talk Hosting

From releasing a single single to combine forces on tour, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have done everything together. Now,…

From releasing a single single to combine forces on tour, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have done everything together.

Now, the superstars are hosting their 11th CMA awards on Wednesday – and still say they have not gotten sick because of a trick they’ve learned from their own respective marriages.

“We spend a lot of time apart,” says Underwood, 35, People. “I think it’s important for any” marriage “, work or real. Maybe spend some time.”

Paisley, 46, agrees and adds, “In each of our marriages it is so.” [We spend] much time separated because of separate careers and things like that. “

” But no, that’s a good thing, “he continues. “Chemistry we have up there … I think you can take it for granted, but it’s really rare.”

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1; for the 11th year! – To host the 2018 CMA Awards

Paisley is married to According to Jim Alun Kimberly Williams-Paisley and has two sons – William, 11 and Jasper, 9. Underwood is married to professional hockey player Mike Fisher and has a 3 year old son, Isaiah.

This year’s hosting will be a small different to the “Cry Pretty” singer because she is currently pregnant with her other child, and she also shares how Paisley responded to her growing bump.

“When I saw Brad after seeing him a little and I kindly popped in the door and said,” Holy cow! “” Underwood says.

“Bad choice of words,” she continues. “It’s different. It’s essentially a wardrobe thing and I do not go as fast as I would like. There are many quick changes and jumps from one side of the stage to the other.”

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While Paisley says he totally expects Underwood to be in a “hide and sweat” before the show is over, Underwood says she is choosing a lot of spandex.

“It’s great because most designers do not wear maternity clothes,” she says. “So I get into things that are not meant to go on [my] body, but I’m sorry when I give them back and they’re all out. Sorry, designers. We’re pulling many archive things they no longer need, and I have no idea what to end. We do not force anything – except for zipper. “

As for Paisley’s outfits for the show, Underwood says she failed in her attempt to get him in a cuff.

“We see, says Paisley.” In a masculine fashion we have turned around this corner where they tried to try things. But now it almost gave people up. It’s just flat skirts and skinny jeans and anything. You know what I mean? “

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley

John Shearer / WireImage

In addition to planning their wardrobes, Underwood – nominated for two CMA- Awards, including the female vocalist of the year – says Paisley has made the most of the writing for his joke.

“He’ll do his thing and I’ll tweak something here or there,” she says. “But he’s doing so much of the writing . “

” In July, I’m beginning to open my eyes and ears to what happens in the universe specifically for CMA purposes, “she continues.” Much of it will fall by the way as no-one talks about it anymore. Everyone goes on to the new one, the next, but it’s always good to keep your eyes and ears open. “

Paisley also revealed that Underwood was among those who betrayed drama that went down when Cardi B tried to fight Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week Party – and she wrote about it.

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“I was like,” It was a fight! Let’s touch it, “says Underwood.” Trying to apply it. I do not think it will work into CMAs but you never know.

Paisley desires something like the famous # WhoBitBeyoncé debacle would happen just before the show.

“All Spring You Think” No, do this in the fall. Bite Beyoncé in the fall, “he says, as Underwood adds:” Bite famous people in the fall, people, come on! “

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While many of the duo’s plans for the show are kept wrapped, it’s one thing safe – Underwood is excited to take some time to spend time with family.

“I’ve done so much album promo and stuff everywhere, and that’s been really good,” she says. “But it’s nice to have this last big shebang and then take a breath. Take a moment, enjoy a vacation, enjoy a family and it will be great to do a minute.”

When the show time comes Wednesday night, Paisley wants fans to be ready for material that is “100 percent fun”. [19659002] “I think it’s an important thing to do right now,” he says. “The election is over. We all see now, I think, for something where we can see some music and feel good.”

The 52nd annual CMA Awards Air Wednesday, November 14th from Nashville at 8 AM at ABC. PeopleTV, the advertiser-supported OTT streaming service from PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, will stream its premiere for the Country Music Association Awards, “PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Red Carpet Live: CMA Awards”, beginning at. 17:30. ET / 2:30 p.m. PT. The exhibition will be folded before the ceremony begins at 8 ET.

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