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Clemson floor collapse at apartment clubhouse leaves 30 injured

"You could hear the floor going through, please," he said, "but nobody thought it would happen. They just continued."But suddenly…

“You could hear the floor going through, please,” he said, “but nobody thought it would happen. They just continued.”

But suddenly the floor gave way. Dozens of parties fell in free fall and landed in lots of sprawling bodies in the basement.

Police said 30 people were injured when the floor of the apartment club collapsed during a party at the Homecoming Weekend in Clemson, South Carolina. [19659002] No individuals were imprisoned during the collapse and no sufferers suffered any life-threatening injuries, Clemson police chief Jimmy Dixon told CNN affiliate WYFF. A total of 30 people were sent to three area hospitals with broken bones and lacerations.

“We are only grateful that it was not worse than it was,” said Dixon.

Tests said that emergency seekers were there for just a few minutes, and he saw people holding their arms or bloody legs.

Video from the scene shows that the floor opens like in an apocalyptic movie. The place of joy and celebration turned quickly into horror and screams.

The incident occurred just after midnight Saturday to early Sunday at the clubhouse in Woodlands of Clemson apartment complex, Woodlands Property Management Tal Talann said. [1

9659002] The apartment is located approximately three miles northeast of Clemson University. The clubhouse building where the collapse occurred is a common area within the complex and was built in 2004, says Slann.

Police said the investigation was ongoing.

CNN’s Danielle Hackett and Nicole Chavez contributed to this report.

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