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Clear insider attacks kill Czech member of US-led coalition in Afghanistan

The soldier was a fourth Czech official killed as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's mission to Afghanistan since…

The soldier was a fourth Czech official killed as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s mission to Afghanistan since the Central European Parliament’s parliament approved a plan in June to almost double its forces in Afghanistan to 390.

There was no immediate claim On Monday’s attack, which comes days after the bodyguards for the governor of the southern province of Kandahar opened fire on Afghan and American officials after a meeting to discuss security preparations for Saturday’s parliamentary elections.

Taliban, the country’s biggest rebellion, said it was behind Thursday’s shooting war in Kandahar, where a top anti-Taliban security officer and provincial governor were killed. [1

9659004] “Initial reports show that the attack has been committed by a member of Afghan security forces,” said the coalition on Monday and added that two other coalition militants were injured.

Afghan officials in Herat, contacted the phone, said they had no knowledge of the attack.

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1260px “src =” “data-enlarge =” CC805_AFGINS_M_20181022125548.jpg “alt =” The Afghan police guardianship carries the coffin by General Abdul Raziq, the Kandahar police commander who was killed in an attack on October 18 during a funeral ceremony in Kandahar Province. [19659008] Hunting guards from the Afghan National Police carry the coffin of General Abdul Raziq, the Kandahar Police Commander, who was killed in an attack on October 18 during a funeral ceremony in Kandahar Province.


Ismail Sameem / Reuters

On September 3th, Army was Sgt. May. Timothy Bolyard, 42 years old, died of wounds caused by an Afghan police having opened fire on a military base in the eastern Loghra province. The assailant was taken in the possession of Afghan security forces, said the US military.

Some 14,000 US military personnel are deployed in Afghanistan, with most assigned NATO trains, counsel and assisting Afghan soldiers and police officers. The education mission is the pillar of a US $ billion campaign to build an Afghan military that can defend the country and judge terrorist threats.

Monday’s attack in Herat follows a report in Washington Post on Sunday that a US general was shot and hurt in last week’s Taliban-raid attacks in Kandahar.

Referring to four people aware of this attack, the Post reported that Army Brig. Gen Jeffrey Smiley recovered from at least one shotwind. The superintendent of US led international forces here, Army General Scott Miller, was unscathed in the incident.

Shortly after the shot, coalition spokesman David Butler said that three Americans had been injured and were in a stable condition. After the post published its report, Col. confirmed. Butler on Twitter that Gen. Smiley had been injured in the attack, reported the newspaper.

Avg. Smiley is deployed to Afghanistan this summer and takes charge of the coalition’s train, council and assists Afghan forces forces in the southern part of the country, according to the post’s account.

About 557 Afghan security forces and 157 NATO personnel, including US service members, have been killed in 102 documented insider attacks since 2007, according to a study published last year by the Modern War Institute at West Point.

Measures introduced in 2012, when 44 insider attacks occurred, have reduced insider attacks by more than 80%, according to the study. The report said, however, that such attacks have become the Taliban’s “preferred warfare”.

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