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Clayton Kershaw of Los Angeles Dodgers to launch World Series Game 1 at Boston

Red Sox will start David Price in Game 2 but did not announce the rest of its rotation because Nathan…

Red Sox will start David Price in Game 2 but did not announce the rest of its rotation because Nathan Eovaldi and Rick Porcello could help with the bullet in the first two games.

Dodgers chose Ryu over Hill in Game 2 because they liked the possibility that Ryu pitched two matches in the series. As expected, Dodgers will charge his lineup with right-handed hitters to oppose Sale in Game 1, with David Freese starting at the first base and Matt Kemp as an official named hitter, said manager Dave Roberts.

Kershaw hit the last in game 7 of the National League Championship series on Saturday – three days after a 98-pitch start – but does not expect to stop him at the start of this world series.

“It was good” said 30-year-old Kershaw, who only needed 15 seats to cut through Milwaukee Brewers. “It was a little normal inning, which was good. I tried to throw as few places as possible in the bullpen before. Of course, the intensity is different and things like that, but that’s why I came here yesterday to make sure everything was fine.”

Kershaw has long taken the label as a subparartist in October, but his past seven postseason begins – 3.32 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, .532 opponents slugging percentage – has been impressive collectively. In this late season, he threw eight pointsless innings against Atlanta Braves in the NL Division Series, then had two drastically different starts against Brewers in the second round – played only nine outs and was loaded with five runs in Game 1 and then twirling seven innings of one-run ball in a crucial game 5.

Kershaw will now match Sale for the second time in his career – the only second time was June 15, 2012 – and will make his first appearance ever at Fenway Park.

Kershaw visited Fenway as a child and recorded the importance of debut here. He called Sale a very good potter, who has been dominant for a long time, but said, “I do not take much comfort on the game. I do not care much more than I would like him not to be so good that we could have a better chance of winning. “

The dodgers went into last year’s world series that came out in a 104-season, but lost to Houston Astros in seven games, then had to fight through a 92 win campaign in 2018 and demanded a 163th match to complete his sixth consecutive divisional title. Red Sox, which comes from a 108-win season and a 250-run differential, are favorites in this series.

Dodgers is the Plus-130 underdog in Game 1, making it the first time since July 24, 2012 that they have not benefited from Kershaw on the garden, starting a distance of 199.

“It’s kind of role change for us , “said Roberts. “It’s the high-paying, powerful Red Sox. I like the underdog role.”

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