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Class-action trial accuses e-scooter companies of “gross negligence”

Bird cage is parked outside a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. A trial charges the bird a host of its…

Bird cage is parked outside a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. A trial charges the bird a host of its competitors to “help and support attacks.” (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

The nation’s electronic scooter company faces more blowback in the safety of these devices – this time in the form of a trial in class action filed Friday in California.

The process filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court accuses two of the largest e-scooters, Lime and Bird, as well as other e-scooters, of “gross negligence” and “helping and supporting assaults.”

The process, filed on behalf of eight first plaintiffs, states that corporate practices have contributed to several damages. By “dumping” screams on public streets without an appropriate warning, the verdict states that e-scooters acted negligently and should have known that their devices would be a dangerous “general inconvenience”.

Three plaintiffs claim they went when e-scooter riders crashed into them from behind, resulting in serious injuries. The costume claims that e-scooters knew that their riders injured pedestrians and – by not interrupting the collisions – helped and encouraged scooters when they committed “abuse”.

scooters contain defective electronics and mechanical parts, as well as insufficient safety instructions for riders and that they have “an unpleasant eye for the safety of others”. The risks associated with the units, costume states, “be known and / or knowledgeable”

The tire makes many claims about the mechanical problems of scooters, but does not provide any concrete evidence of these claims.

The tire is also called scooter manufacturer Xiaomi USA and Segway as the defendant.

“While dealing with the affordable goals of promoting personal freedom and mobility and protecting the environment, Def defenders defend, and each of them jeopardizes riders, pedestrians and public health, safety and well-being,” costume states. “

] The deck adds that “points (if not hundreds) of riders and pedestrians and members of the public have suffered, continue to suffer and will continue to suffer from actual and impossible damage and damage to their person and property.

Segway and Xiaomi USA spokesmen did not respond to a request for comments.

A lime spokesman said the company is reviewing the complaint. 19659014] “While we are not commenting on ongoing disputes, security has always been the core of everything we do on Lime – as well as our mission to reduce cars from the city streets and make them safer and greener for pedestrians, bikers and scooters,” said the president and added that the company “proud to take proactive steps concerning security wherever we have a presence.”

In a statement from Bird, the company pointed out that the complaint was raised “against the entire e-scooter industry” and the common e-scooters have become an important transport mode “for hundreds of thousands of people in 100 cities worldwide. “

” We believe the climate crisis and our car dependence require a transport mode shift, and clean energy vehicles like e-scooters are already replacing millions of short car journeys, “said the statement. “There is no evidence that riding an e-scooter gives a greater risk of riders than bicycling. Cars are the biggest threat to commuters and kill over 40,000 people in the US annually.”

Since their sudden arrival in recent months e-scooters have been linked to a blow in serious injuries in hospitals around the country, according to emergency medical practitioners. As the value and popularity of companies like bird and lime have risen, a growing number of critics – including doctors, former riders and scooters – claim that the e-scooter fleets are poorly maintained and vulnerable to dangerous mechanical failures.

Two e-scooter riders – one in Dallas and another in the district – have been involved in accidents that led to their deaths, the authorities say.

The class cover adds a new category of people to the list of Those who strongly oppose the latest form of controversial transport that sweeps the country: pedestrian.

Among the plaintiffs is David Petersen, a 62-year-old gatekeeper called Davy Rocks, who claims he was seriously injured after being hit by an e-scooter riding in June.

Dancing for spectators near the Santa Monica pier in California, Petersen told him, wearing his brand “gladiator outfit”, The Washington Post, that he was hit from behind by a mom n on a bird scooter the man fled the scene. Petersen said that the collision force knocked him down, but he managed to reduce the impact by catching himself with his right hand. If he had been an elder or a small child, he said he could have been killed.

Petersen said that he suffered a broken arm and a cut biceps, a injury that caused him to miss weeks of work. The muscle must be restored surgically using a carotid transplant, he said.

“My arm will never be the same, not to mention the five-inch scar that it has now,” he said, noting that his arm has lost rotation and feels stiff. “If birds will benefit from the human meat mill they have created in Santa Monica, they should be held responsible for the suffering they have caused.”

In addition, the applicant voices Bird and Lime of multiple violations of each company’s warranty and claimed that their vehicles were “unsuitable” for repeated use in public places.

According to the deployment of e-scooters is illegal, the verdict claims that each company should be prohibited from continuing to distribute scooters in California. In addition to seeking damages, the verdict claims that scooters should be required to include “appropriate warnings and / or instructions” for their apps and vehicles.

Catherine Lerer – a personal injury lawyer from Santa Monica representing the lawyers with lawyer Jeffrey Lee Costell – said she has received more than 100 calls from people injured by scooters in recent months. Whether they involve riders or pedestrians, she said the injuries are consistent: broken noses, legs, arms, wrists, hands and ribs, as well as main injuries and tears against the front corsband and rotary cuffs that require surgery.

We filed this class event against Bird and Lime and the manufacturers of their electric scooters to deal with the terrible damage they have inflicted on their riders and pedestrians, and the continued damage they cause, “says Lerer.

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