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Citizens made Bryce Harper “aggressive offer” last month, did not reach agreement

Bryce Harper did not reach terms during a negotiation session with the citizens last month. (Katherine Frey / Washington Post)…

Bryce Harper did not reach terms during a negotiation session with the citizens last month. (Katherine Frey / Washington Post)

CARLSBAD, CALIF. – Washington citizens offered Bryce Harper a long-term deal on the last day of the final home country of the 2018 season. He did not take it.

According to several people familiar with the negotiations, citizens discussed conditions for a new deal with Harper and his agent, Scott Boras, in September. These conversations led to what a person called “an aggressive offer,” as two people called “historical.” This offer included no opt-outs and was less than the $ 400 million that some have speculated that Harper could get, according to a person with direct knowledge The following day, The Washington Post reported that the offer was for $ 300 million over 10 years.

Since Harper was in contract with Washington at that time, the team had exclusive negotiating rights with the former MVP. The nations tried to make use of the opportunity to reach an agreement before Harper hit the open market. They have not done one yet.

National Secretary Mike Rizzo raised Harpers ‘situation on Tuesday at the General Managers’ meetings and said only “We utilized our exclusivity late in the season” to negotiate with Harper but “could not reach an agreement. “

The sides do not agree does not rule out a reunion. Harper can explore places from other teams, aware of what citizens have to offer and decide from there. Boras always seems to call back to citizens and other high-tax teams before they end any offers for great free agents, and he would almost certainly do it again with Harper, considering Harper’s ties to Washington.

But they disagree probably means that citizens must participate in the kind of battleground they often try to avoid if they likes to keep their superstar. Teams like St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies have significantly more money to save and fewer tax issues than Washington, which has now crossed that threshold two seasons in a row and is determined not to let the strip go three.

Citizens made an offer establishes their interest in keeping Harper but not necessarily clear Make the scope of that wish. They can, if they wish, make an offer as they know that another team will hit, a move that would make them interested but not demanding a real commitment.

But those involved in the process felt that the office had a real interest in completing a deal with Harper. If Harper does not write, citizens can still use a opening day space by Juan Soto, Victor Robles and Adam Eaton – a much cheaper option.

“I’m comfortable with the option [to Harper re-signing],” said Rizzo. “But I’m uncomfortable with the statement that we are a better team without him.”

Rizzo admitted that citizens must make their own decision at Harper at any time, even though Harper has not made any decision about them. If he does not write with them, they will distribute their financial resources elsewhere – and with lots of holes to fill, they can not afford to wait waiting for the market to pass them.

“It requires us to have an expiration date,” said Rizzo, although he also stated that he and his colleagues negotiate with “parallel traces” players to cover all opportunities.

For years, they have been wondering in the industry what it would take to lock Harper, with no consensus than he is likely to command more than Giancarlo Stanton’s 13-year contract of $ 325 million, agreed with Miami Marlins 2014. Harper has stated he would like to have that type

Bryry Harper will be a conversation about GM meetings, but citizens have lots of other business

Waiting for a deal with long-term business.

Barry Svrluga contributed to this report.

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