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Chrome 66 for Android will help you save battery and data on your mobile


Chrome 66 is available since yesterday for Mac, Windows and Linux, and today, we Android users can enjoy the latest version of this popular browser. This latest update brings some design changes (as has already happened with the new gestures of the previous version of Chorme ). Next we are going to review all the Chrome 66 updates for Android .

Among the highlights of the Chrome browser we find restrictions on the “autoplay” of videos, in addition to the usual security reviews and focused on developers.

What are the new features of Chrome 66 for Android?

Well basically a smartphone that will not play any video indiscriminately , but only when any of the following requirements are met:

  • That the content is muted or has no sound
  • That users have “tapped” or clicked on the site while browsing.
  • When we have added a certain site to our home screen.

In this way, Google eliminates the automatic reproduction previously activated by default and tries that the designers of web pages choose to include silent videos that allow a greater control of the multimedia content on the part of the users.

Chrome 66 for Android will help you save battery and data on your mobile

Another novelty of Chrome 66 for Android is that of can export passwords , for this, we must click on the drop-down icon present in the password menu. For security reasons, of course, Crome 66 will ask us to enter our system key and warn us that the .csv file that we download and share will be visible to anyone.

But we will also have changes in the design of the interface, with a redesign of the Crome Home button that is now called Chrome Home Duplex “and that allows us to slide a new lower toolbar to open new tabs and access bookmarks very quickly. Of course, this feature is still in development and we must activate it manually under our responsibility.

We finish this review of the novelties of Chrome 66 mentioning some changes in the interface, such as new blank backgrounds on the new tab page as well as on the selector , as well as a rounded Omnibar for URLs and other icons. Mention finally a new a new sound API called “AudioWorklet” that allows developers to program to control audio without added latency and with greater stability in sound reproduction.