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Chris Watts makes Plea Deal in murder by wife, daughters

In a bombshell of events on Tuesday, triple murders suspected Chris Watts owed the family of his pregnant wife and…

In a bombshell of events on Tuesday, triple murders suspected Chris Watts owed the family of his pregnant wife and their little children in exchange for being saved a possible death sentence, confirming the people.

Watt, 33, was arrested on August 15 and accused of murdering his wife for almost six years, 34-year-old Shan & Watson and their daughters, Bella, 4 and Celeste, 3.

Shan’s was about 1

5 weeks pregnant with a son then and her family later said she planned to name Nico Lee.

In court on Tuesday, Chris asked nine allegations, according to prosecutors: five bills of first-degree murder, a bill of illegal termination of pregnancy and three degrees of manipulation with a dead body.

He is formally sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on November 19th.

Shan & # 39; Ann’s family was in court for his reason according to local journalists. District Attorney, who announced Chris’s case, said it had been obtained with the consent of Shan’s relatives.

Chris has been held in Weld County Failure since his arrest.

The case as far as [19659014] Shan’s and her girls disappeared after returning home from a business trip in the early hours of 13 August.

In the following days, Chris made a television application for their safe return, which caused suspicions with his strange calm

During the recent police interview, Chris said he would “tell the truth” after investigators told him they found out on the fact that he had a deal with a colleague, according to an affidavit that supports his arrest was unsealed in late August.

Chris then acknowledged that he killed Shan after being “in rage” when he claimed that he saw her ironing one of her daughters via a baby monitor after telling her that he wanted a separation , according to a

He accused himself on Tuesday, Chris essentially acknowledged that the explanation was a lie.

Shan’s body and her girls were found the day after the Chris arrest on an oil site owned by the company where he worked and where he had been fired.

Shan’s bury was buried in a funnel and their dead bodies were hidden in nearby oil tanks where they stayed for about four days, according to Chris’s arrest warrant and other court orders.

Those who knew the couple said they seemed happy – until not long before the murder. A friend told ABC News that Chris had become distant: “He was not the loving Chris he usually was. He was not touching or hugging or doing things like that.”

But the family was everything to Shan’s.

“That’s all she was talking about,” told Kris Landon earlier to the people. “She was talking about the girls as a miracle because she had some health problems and did not know if she would have children. But she really embraced her motherhood, and I thought she also embraced her marriage. They seemed to be partners. Amazing partners.” [19659023] Chris in prison: “Willing to confront reality”

Chris was previously in prison in suicide. A source who had contact with him told the people that he was desperate and sad for his family.

However, according to the same source, Chris’s attitude changed dramatically in previous weeks. “He has been more active,” said the source. “He does not sleep well all day, he actively participates in his own defense. He reads a lot, and has contact with his lawyers.”

“He is actually very strong now,” continues the source. “He is willing to confront reality now and decide what his best move is.” He can look at things logically now and make the right decision for himself. He has turned a corner. “

If Chris’s decision to object, explains the source: “Chris had to agree with reality. He did not like it at all, but he was smart enough to know that his back was against the wall, and the best thing for him to do was to blame.”

“The proof of him was overwhelming,” that source says. “There was physical evidence and his own words that would judge him. His story did not work.”

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