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Chipotle Rehires Manager who was fired after racism complaint

After new information has occurred, Chipotle has st. Paul, Minn. Recruited one of her bosses released when a video went…

After new information has occurred, Chipotle has st. Paul, Minn. Recruited one of her bosses released when a video went viral last week, telling a group of African American customers that they had to pay before

In the video, published by Masud Ali on Twitter on Friday, a group of young men tries to place orders when the boss says, “You have to pay because you never have money when you get in here.” The group then accuses her of racism.

Ali formed the video: “Can a group of young well-established African Americans have a bite to eat after a long workout. @ChipotleTweets ??”

A Twitter user named Tony later uploaded a screenshot of Ali’s previous tweets that discuss dining and dashing, especially at a Chipotle restaurant.

On July 15, 2015, Ali tweeted: “Eat and dash is forever interesting.” Another tweet, from February 12, 2015 says, “I’m not broken, I just do not want [sic] Chipotle.”

“@ ChipotleTweets you have to look deeper into this. That boss obviously had previously treated these guys who did not pay,” writes Tony. “They have bragged about STEALING from your company (and others) several times.”

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Laurie Schalow, Chipotle’s Executive Committee, wrote in an email to The Post which after the last few days has examined evidence they have offered the boss’s job back.

“While our normal protocols were not followed to serve these customers, please apologize for our boss to be in this position,” said Schalow. “We will work to continue to ensure that we support a respectful workplace for our employees and our customers. Our policy is to treat our customers and employees fairly and respectfully all the time and in all circumstances. We will work with all our restaurant groups to ensure that they are prepared to handle such situations and know that they have our full support. We are determined to do the right and act in a manner that is consistent with a thoughtful, factual approach. “

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The boss tweeted to be hired on Monday:” Racism is a real issue that I can not easily cope with. Racism has to be addressed, but what happened here was just wrong. Falsely accused and in return cut off from a goal I was working hard for. Today, I officially offered my job back. I am really grateful for all support. “

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