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Chipotle rehires manager in viral video incident labeled racist

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By Doha Madani

Chipotle has recruited a boss after more information came out of a controversial viral video where staff were refused to serve a group of black men. 1

9659007] Chief Dominique Moran, lost her job after video circulated on Twitter Friday her denied group service at a restaurant in St Paul, Minnesota – unless they could offer payment in advance.

A man named Masud Ali wrote up video, tagging the chain restaurant account, where a Moran can be seen as saying the men “you have to pay because you never have money when you come in here, bro.”

“You basically stereotypes us,” one of the men says in a video. “You say we do not pay for what reason? I come here every day.”

Ali posted a thread of videos where the group of men began to argue with Chipotle employees and eventually resulted in Moran calling the police. Chipotle tweeted later on Friday that the company burned Moran and retrains employees on the spot.

“What happened here is not how our employees should treat our customers,” Ali Ali replied. “We are committed to treating all our guests fairly and with respect. The boss has finished and the restaurant has been retrained so it will not happen again. We will come in contact.”

Social media, however, upgraded tweets Ali claimed information about dining and dashing years earlier. When these posts were announced, Chipotle reversed his decision on Monday and recruited Moran after receiving screenshots of the tweets online. The screenshots of what seem to be now-deleted tweets by Ali could not be verified by NBC News.

“Based on our review, we have offered our boss his job back,” Chipotle said in a statement. “While our normal protocols were not followed to serve these clients, please apologize to our boss for being placed in this position. We will work to continue to ensure that we support a respectful workplace for our employees and our customers . “

The mother told the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Tuesday that she just tried to stand up for her employees who were tired of dealing with cheap taxes. She described the interaction as “scary” but wanted to be clear that men would have to pay that day.

“I should have been more clear that they were denied service,” Moran said. “I never meant,” show my money, “but more like” please pay for your food. “”

Moran also said she has not decided to return to her position.

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