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Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3


Google proposed a few months ago to end the black legend that Android needs a powerful smartphone to run smoothly. And it’s not that this bad reputation was unjustified at the beginning of the operating system, but to this day and Android Go It is responsible for keeping things under control. Now we see how Cubot, a Chinese manufacturer that had been a bit lost for a while, just announced the Cubot J3 .

Android Go is therefore an opportunity for less-leading manufacturers to offer an Android experience in low-cost smartphones or for more premium brands can also offer affordable solutions in developing markets, as is the case with Galaxy J2 Core .

This is the Cubot J3: a $ 60 smartphone

If we thought that Xiaomi would be the manufacturer in offering the Android Go device cheaper , we may be wrong, since the Cubot J3 will hit the market with an advertised price of $ 59.99.

Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3

Cubot therefore joins the Huawei Y5 Lite with a low-end device that aims to be attractive for those users who do not need a high-performance smartphone but rather something that complies with the most basic actions and works correctly.

The Cubot J3 will use a screen of 5 inches with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a resolution not confirmed but that we assume will be HD + given the power of the device.

The design of the device is quite good given its price, and offers a few side bezels, upper and lower quite reduced, along with a design in the back that makes us quite beautiful.

Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3

Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3

This device would arrive manufactured in metal, and would have a very humble SoC Mediatek MT6580 4-core Cortex A7 with a frequency of 1.3GHz and a Mali-400 MP single-core GPU.

When it comes to Android Go, we have 1 GB of RAM, although the storage It is quite acceptable, since it reaches 16 GB, in addition to being expandable by Micro-SD card of up to 128 GB.

The Cubot J3 integrates a rear camera 8 Mpx with a flash located below in a position that reminds us of Apple, while the front camera stays in a correct 5Mpx . Not that you can expect great results, but the resolution is not bad given the price of the device.

Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3

Chinese mobiles also point to Android GO: Cubot J3

We just talked about the battery, which stays in a very fair 2000 mAh, but if we take into account the low processor consumption, it may be sufficient given the optimization that comes with Android Go. By the way, the Cubot J3 will be dual-SIM .

Failing to see this smartphone in operation (and in real photos) it is at least positively valued the effort of this manufacturer is to create a smartphone attractive to the eye, cheap and with an optimized operating system, something that usually lack almost all low cost proposals.