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Chinese Authorities Issue Public Warning About Serious African Swine Fever Crisis

Chinese authorities issued a rare public warning about the African Swine Flu crisis hitting country's farm since August. The strain…

Chinese authorities issued a rare public warning about the African Swine Flu crisis hitting country’s farm since August. The strain is so virulent that it has killed 100 percent of affected pigs. ( Julia Schwabb | Pixabay )

Authorities in China are working on controlling the growing African swine fever crisis. The diseasees began last August, and have now reached the province of Sichuan, the nation’s top swine-producing province.

Public Warning

In a document jointly released by the Ministries of Agriculture, Transportation and Public Security, Chinese authorities announced at de er vedtatt strengere tiltak for å bekjempe den afrikanske svinefeberkris.

Dette er især relevant for foranstaltninger mod afrikansk svinepest, da myndighederne blaming de unhygieniske transportkøretøjer til grise og de lovløse elementer

To date, 1

8 provinces are already affected by African swine fever with 200,000 pigs already culled. According to United Nations, the most virulent strain of African swine fever affecting China has caused a 100 percent fatality rate for the infected pigs.

African Swine Fever Crisis

Only recently, the UN warned that African swine fever In China, probably is “here to stay,” and that it could possibly turn into an epidemic. It has no vaccine or cure, and was first detected in Siberia last year. By August of this year, African swine fever had made its way to farms in Europe following multiple outbreaks in China.

Although African swine fever poses no direct danger to human health, its spread in China is still a major issue given the fact at nationen producerer et flertal af verdens pork. In fact, China produces about half of the world’s pigs, with the country having a population of 500 million swine.

As such, there is the serious possibility of having supply and price problems in the near future.

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