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China's Chang 4-Lander and Rover Head to Many

December 7, 2018 Science 1 Views According to the study, the landlord will target the Great Von Kármán crater, and…

According to the study, the landlord will target the Great Von Kármán crater, and when landed, the robber aboard will analyze the soil of the moon, study its underground structure and distinguish the solar wind. China’s state-owned news agency Xinhua News also reported in April that Chang’s e-4 will carry seeds and possibly silk mask eggs to see how both are going on the moon. “It goes to a place specially special for moon science,” told University of Manchester researcher Katherine Joy The Guardian . “The war cry snatched a large hole in the moon corpse and possibly into the moon moth. It potentially locks up stones that we would not normally find on the surface of the moon.”

Researchers also plan to conduct a radio astronomical study. Because the other side of the moon is blocked from the ground, radio sounds coming from the ground are blocked as well. And that means that telescopes that are stationed on the landing page can be ready to retrieve signals that are hard to detect on earth. “Astronomers have long dreamed of a radio telescopic system based on the backside of the multiplayer,” said Tamela Maciel, Space Communications Manager at the British National Space Center, The Guardian . She said placing a telescope where “would be like flying from city light pollution and seeing the night sky from the top of a mountain. With a radio telescope on the other side of the multitude we could explore the longest and oldest objects in the universe like never before.” [1

9659002] Chang 4 was launched aboard a long March 3B rocket around 1:22 east of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. While an official flow of launch was not provided, unofficial channels offered streams that showed a successful lift. Xinhua News has since confirmed the release and others have reported that it will be a success.

Chang 4 follows three other successful assignments of the Chang & # 39; e program. The first two probes involved are put in circulation around the moon, while the Chang 3 mission set a lander and robs on the nearest side of the moon. Upcoming missions that form the third phase of the program will aim to collect monsters and return them to the ground.

China has not said when we can expect Chang & # 39; e-4 to land, but many predict that it will happen in the first week of January. The equipment will communicate with the earth via a satellite launched earlier this year specifically for this mission, which is currently in a high circulation around the moon.

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