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China was sent to space and their citizens' DNA

October 28, 2018 Science 0 Views China has made another success in the field of genetic engineering and space industry.…

China has made another success in the field of genetic engineering and space industry. The company Shainghai ManWei Technology sent around the first spacegenerator Bank DSB-01.

If it reports TASS with reference to China Central Television.

The launch was carried out on October 24th from Baikonur Taiyuan (Shanxi Province, Northern China) using the “Chanchzhen-4” carrier racket.

According to the project organizers, genetic material obtained from eight of the Chinese citizens will be safe for about a thousand years. It is placed in a container that is not exposed to space radiation.

According to the TV station, which cites experts, the country may become unfit for humanity for the next 400 years due to the depletion of resource base and overpopulation.

“It is expected that with this gene Bank will create a new human civilization,” said the report.

In the near future, Shainghai ManWei Technology will create space in the genre Bank, which will store millions of samples. According to the company’s plan, this genetic material must be transported to Mars and “planet similar to the Earth”.

China is actively developing its national space program. In addition to the meteorological communication and navigation satellites, the country has developed technology to study asteroids and Mars, for the intensive investigation of the surface of Chinese researchers planning to start in 2020-2025 years.

Earlier in Ukraine the first child from three parents.

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