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China reveals a new built-in aircraft under construction

In an article celebrating the sixth anniversary of China's first operator, Liaoning, Xinhua Xinhua News Agency released the country's fleet…

In an article celebrating the sixth anniversary of China’s first operator, Liaoning, Xinhua Xinhua News Agency released the country’s fleet future.

“Six years have passed, our domestic operator has tried, entered. The service is just around the corner. The new aircraft has also been built on the slide,” said the article.

China’s second aircraft carrier, the named Type 001A, was the country’s first domestic boat of its kind and has been driven by sea tests in 2018.

But rumors had circulated during the past year that another more advanced ship was already under construction In China.

In June, one of China’s best shipping companies, No.701

Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, triggered speculation when it released a mock-up photo of an unidentified aircraft company.

 A conference at a top Chinese shipyard company in June revealed a mock-up of a new advanced aircraft.

Chinese state media had speculated again ships would have an electromagnetic catapult aircraft launcher system similar to the technology used on the US Navy’s newest and most advanced aircraft carrier.

Both Liaoning and Type 001A use the older, less advanced launch system called skipping, relying on a plan of its own power to lift off.

Considering the Chinese state-run tabloid Global Times, military experts said that the new operator was likely to take more than two years to complete due to its relative complexity and size.

 China's first homegrown aircraft heads out for sea tests

[19659009] Earlier state media article s has speculated the new aircraft is designed in Shanghai.

The announcement finds the rapid modernization of the Chinese military in recent decades. Beijing has no secret of its desire to build a modern navy blue lake that can expand the country’s scope globally and compete with the United States.

In 2018, the Chinese military budget increased by 8% the year before, to a total of $ 175 billion. Between 2010 and 2017, the Chinese Navy increased its complement of ships from 210 to 320, Boston College Professor of Political Science Robert Ross told CNN in May.

“US Navy and US Navy capabilities will still be superior to the Chinese fleet in 10 years, but the size of the Chinese fleet will be bigger and they will have closed the gap in technology and training,” said Ross at that time.

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