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Child-fighting brain condition remains with “Devil Horn” after surgery (PHOTO) – RT World News

A baby born with an extremely rare condition has been left with a skull-shaped devil horn after surgery to reduce…

A baby born with an extremely rare condition has been left with a skull-shaped devil horn after surgery to reduce the pressure on the brain.

Clyne Solane, a 22 month old baby from the Philippines, was born with a condition called hydranencephaly, which meant that he had a small brain and a skull filled with fluid.

Clyne underwent surgery in March to relieve the pressure on his brain collapsed due to complications with the operator operator’s parts in places where his brain had not formed. The result was a misshapen skull with pronounced ridges similar to the devil’s horn. Since 1969, the state has become more pronounced and now Clyne has to undergo more surgery at the Philippines Children‘s Medical Center in Pasig, to reconstruct the shape of his skull. The complications of Clyne’s condition have made a difficult interpretation on her single mother Justine Gatarin 21

, who says she is worried that he is too weak to survive another operation.

I do not want to keep up for now because I’m afraid my baby is not yet strong ” Gatarin told Daily Mail. ” That’s why I’m hard to make a decision. If we do not, his head will look like that for the rest of his life .”

Some say that his head resembles the devil’s horn, but for us there is no doubt that he is an angel. It breaks my heart to see him suffering “she added.

Hydranencephalus is an extremely rare condition that develops during pregnancy and prevents the child’s brain from developing fully and also causes the head to grow to an enlarged size . The unbearable state can cause disability, intellectual problems, seizures and impaired vision. Clyne already needs help breathing and must be fed through a tube.

Family and friends of Clyne and his mother use social media to get the most necessary means for the child’s healthcare costs. Justine said that the family has sold the majority of its possessions to pay for surgery, but his continued medical care is expensive.

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] ” We sold almost everything we own to have enough money for the operation. But even after the surgery We return to the hospital regularly “she said.

The tube in the throat that makes him breathe needs to be replaced every six months. I’m sad to see my baby suffer like this .”

Justine says she’s hopeful Clyne will live as a teenager, as other children born with the condition have done before. It is unusual for those born with hydranencephalic to live to adulthood – most die in the uterus or in the months after birth. Although the exact causes of hydranencephalia are unknown, it is considered an hereditary disease, according to the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

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