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Chiefs News: Andy Reid and Jon Gruden know what they are for Sunday

The last Patrick Mahomes focuses on eliminating revenue after Ram's game | ESPN "You must eliminate sales, first and foremost,"…

The last

Patrick Mahomes focuses on eliminating revenue after Ram’s game | ESPN

“You must eliminate sales, first and foremost,” said Mahomes Wednesday as the managers were practiced for the first time since the Rams game. “Some of these changes occurred at crucial times. … I think the biggest for me was where we were almost in the target area, only when we would know when and when we would not take the opportunity. Every experience, bad or good,

Ryan Pace Leads NFL Executive of the Year Candidates | NFL

3) Brett Veach and Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

There is no better example of fortune that favors boldly than Kansas City’s 201

7-day trade for a raw but extraordinarily talented Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs Andy Reid and Raiders Jon Gruden knows exactly what they are for Sunday | Kansas City Star

The two has maintained its mutual admiration, clearly because Reid felt comfortable opening the doors and letting Gruden wreck around the facility as a media member and transmitter last year during the final play even after the Gruden had agreed to take coaching jobs with divisions alienating raiders.

Chiefs players will sport special clubs representing charity close to their hearts | Fox 4 Kansas City

This year the Lawrence artist painted John Sebelius the Doodle. Sebelius met Chiefs players during the training camp to arrive at plans. He makes a dozen pairs of cleats for players including Dustin Colquitt and Patrick Mahomes.

2 of NFL’s best rivalries have become sour | ABC 7 WWSB

Since the Raiders moved back from Los Angeles to Oakland in 1995, it has only been a season when both clubs won winning entries (2016). Rivalry has become less heated since Marty Schottenheimer left Kansas City coach 1998 and Raider’s owner Al Davis died in 2011. However, this gap is the success is ridiculous.

Why NFL is still on top of the TV rating game | Forbes

Games first, Drama Second

Scoring is up. This is not a leadership feature. It’s fun, but it’s delicious to watch. On Monday night, Los Angeles Rams hit Kansas City Chiefs 54-51. It was the first time two teams scored more than 50 points in the same match. Within hours, commentators in the non-stop sports-talk world called the “biggest game in regular seasonal history”.

Around the league

Saints 10-game winning strike ends as crimes fall flat against Cowboys | ESPN

Brees, which has one of the best quarterback season in the NFL story, finished only 18 of 28 passes for 127 meters, a touchdown and a fantastic launch with 2 minutes, 8 seconds left when the Saints still leaned only 13 – 10th

Broncos possible playoff push highlights biggest NFL Week 13 questions | USA Today

Another loaded slate of NFL games begins strongly with an interesting Thursday night game between two NFC challengers, the Saints and the Cowboys. But the season is also at the point where some teams will free themselves from playoff chase if they can not win victories.

Here are the key questions for Week 13:

Who has the best rookie season from a crowded NFL springback class? | SB Nation

At a time when both the value and the correct use of runner-backs, more than ever, eight more runs were selected in the first 71 pickups of the 2018 NFL draft and 12 have received at least 50 intended hands (rushes plus pass goals) in year.

Richard Sherman sounds off at Seahawks, Wilson | NFL

At a press conference on Thursday before his return to Seattle, Sherman expressed that there are still difficult feelings about his Emerald City trip.

“You just expect that when you’ve done so much for a franchise they would not cut you while you’re hurt,” said Sherman. “It’s kind of more respect than anything. But they did. So you have a nice role to do with the business. “

Is this the last position of the patriots? | Sports Illustrated

New England wobbled through the first half against a Jets team that has not won a game in one and a half and only takes the lead for good by 1:52 in the third and if you looked at it, it looked the most of a proud old prize fighter who simply let a young underdog stand out and was just waiting to throw a few victories – deliver haymakers.

Meet Taysom Hill: NFL’s 28 Years Old Do-Everything Weapon | Bleacher Report

“The ultimate compliment you can pay to a teammate is that he will do what he is asked to do to help the team win,” says Brees. “Taysom was a lot successful college quarterback. He is a good athlete, leader and competitor. So to come in and have big dreams and ambitions to play quarterback, and so suddenly you have this unique skill set where we want you to go down and return to a kickoff.

If you missed it on Arrowhead Pride

NFL is called Chris Jones AFC defensive player in the month of November

Kansas City Chiefs defensive linear Chris Jones has been appointed AFC defensive player in the month of November , announced the league on Thursday. It’s Jones & # 39; s first career player of the month’s honor.

Mitch Morse returns is the first step in getting the offensive back in shape

Morse’s brain shake – where he was slow to recover – is not the first he has suffered with the bosses. He missed the Week 13 game against Raiders 2015 after holding a concussion against Buffalo Bills during the previous week. He also missed the 2015 match against Houston Texans and the patrols with a concussion he had against Oakland in the last match of the regular season.

Managers confirmed that Eric Berry will return to practice Wednesday

] “With Eric (Berry), let’s see how he does and just let him back in it,” Reid told us on Wednesday in Kansas City. “” The only thing we’ve done well is a big part of this, the communication has been good. We’ll just see how he’s doing. There is no pressure there. It’s just how he feels. We will take that play-by-play … one thing I know is that it kills him to watch. He loves to play. It tears him to not be out there. At the same time we have to do what’s smart and make sure that as soon as these juicer goes, everything is good for long distance.

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