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Chelsea vs Manchester United, LIVE stream online: Premier League 2018/19 latest score, goal, watch TV, lineups

Alan Smith's Whole Mass Jose loses his magic touch like Sarri thrills Chelsea So much conversation will inevitably focus on…

Alan Smith’s Whole Mass

Jose loses his magic touch like Sarri thrills Chelsea

So much conversation will inevitably focus on Jose Mourinho and compare the inspiring figure that brought so much success to Chelsea with the coated soul trying to turn things around at Manchester United.

What has changed in the meantime? Why is Mourinho so different? Why can not he bring players with him, introduce them with pleasure and faith, the way he did so well at Stamford Bridge?

I guess no one can come up with the correct answers for the specific questions, except that the Portuguese coach has lost his magic.

It is said that one theory is that the modern player does not. “T answers Mourinho’s hard lines. They can not be pushed all the time and are expected to constantly follow orders for the letter.

These are very powerful people with their own ideas which requires some space on the football field. Egos and bank balances are bigger than ever, making it very difficult to keep everyone in line.

If that’s right, you have to wonder how Maurizio Sarri has gone to his business in Chelsea, where the twins in discipline and organization are clearly alive and well. How on earth has the Italian hit this team so fast in shape to make it work at such a high level?

Of course, Sarri insists that there is still a lot to do before the page works exactly what he wants.

Managers like him are rarely satisfied even when sitting at the top of the table. Yet you have to admire their work so far on several fronts. Some faiths For example, David Luiz would like to be in Sarri recently collected back four. Too irregular. Going walkabout. Takes too many chances in hazardous areas. The Brazilian has so far been brilliant, his decision-making and positioning is hard to fault.

In particular, a whole new midfield has been built quickly, where Nolo Gouw Kantes’s role has surprisingly changed.

Who would have thought that the little Frenchman would be released from his central holding role to storm forward more freely from the right?

In addition, Ross Barkley promises to finally fulfill his potential as an exciting playmaker for club and country.

As for Eden Hazard, he could not look more impressive. The only reservation is if the team depends too much on the brilliant Belgian.

In fact, all this is strong against United’s situation, which does not see any of the players showing their best. Optimists hope the exciting fightback against Newcastle will trigger a turn in fortunes to rival Mark Robin’s goal in a FA Cup tie at Nottingham Forest 1

990, which many believe rescued Sir Alex Ferguson’s job.
It seems unlikely. Mourinho’s best days are in the past. Sarri must hope he is not yet coming.

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