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Chaos eruption as caravan reaches Mexico border

Chanting and jubilant immigrants shot through or climbed over a steel gate until the police threw tear gas and smoke…

Chanting and jubilant immigrants shot through or climbed over a steel gate until the police threw tear gas and smoke containers and drove the migrants back. Video showed cough and crying immigrants collapsed on the bridge. Several police officers and an indefinite number of immigrants were injured.

When the night fell, thousands of immigrants packed together and exposed to the elements on the Suchiate River Bridge linking Tecun Uman, Guatemala and Tapachula, Mexico, according to CNN crews on the ground.

When migrants were formed in lines, the Mexican authorities allowed to launch, with women and children, to walk through gates and board buses to refugee camps.

It was unclear how many immigrants would cross the border and how long that process would take. The Mexican authorities have said that they would allow migrants to enter the country if they have valid visas or meet other requirements.

The carriage was formed last Saturday in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and arrived in Guatemala on Monday. Migrants in the group told CNN and Español that they were bound to the United States, seeking work and escalating political corruption and violence.

Leaders throughout the region have publicly called on them for days to return.

Pompeo: “This is an Organized Effort”

Four Mexican police were injured in the offensive at the Mexican border, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters on an asphalt in Mexico, where he had met with the caravan and other questions, the Pompeo caravan accused of using women and children “as shields as they go through”. [1

9659002] “This is an organized effort to overcome and violate Mexico’s sovereignty,” said Pompeo. “We are prepared to do everything we can to support the decisions that Mexico makes about how to deal with this very serious and important issue to their country.”

Pompeo said he had a “good conversation” with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and that the two countries jointly focus on the caravan problem, but “the Mexican government makes all the decisions on how to deal with this.”

“They are completely engaged. They sent 500 federals to the southern border,” said Pompeo, noting that he would “express his sympathy” for the injured officials.

“It’s proof of what this really is

US President Donald Trump, who has criticized the caravan with fiery tweets all week, repeated his threat on Friday that if Mexico does not stop immigrants he will take more drastic measures

“If it does not work, we will call the military, not guard, we will call the military and we will have the military stationed,” said Trump.

Trump has also threatened to reduce foreign aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Check the bridge

“They do not enter this country.

Friday morning, members of the caravan gathered in the border town of Tecun Uman. They were waiting to swell heat for hours to get others, packing streets for the end of the block.

They flowed through gates on the border around Guatemala around 12 o’clock on Friday (2:00 ET), cheering and chanting as they marched. Celebratory air horns blared as they headed towards the port of Mexico at the entrance.

When they reached a padlock fence near the Mexican side of the bridge, the large number of immigrants allowed them to break through.

The Mexican police drove them back. Hundreds of Mexican federal police sealed the border as drones and helicopters hover over the crowd.

At least a dozen migrants jumped into the river. It was not known if they tried to swim over to the Mexican side of the border, go back to Guatemala or just get relief from the crowds at the bridge.

Some of the migrants on the bridge told CNN that they joined the caravan because they were desperate for work and had no other choice.

Mexican officials have said that asylum seekers will be treated at the southern border of Mexico. But it’s unclear what’s next.

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Will they reach the US border?

The Mexican authorities have not said if anyone from the caravan will be allowed to travel to the United States borders.

They have previously explained how they planned to respond to the group, stating:

• Anyone with valid visa can enter and move freely.

Those who wish to be recognized as refugees or as recipients of “complementary protection” must do it individually. Those who do it will be held “in a moving station” for up to 45 business days.

• The “irregular” will be “rescued and subject to a management procedure and, if appropriate, will be returned to its country of origin in a safe and orderly manner.”

The Mexican authorities also have said that they request assistance from the UN Refugee Commissioner to treat immigrants seeking refugee status.

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