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Change Stan Lee cameos with Deadpool? It's a bleeding terrible idea

No one but Stan Lee could deliver a package to Tony STANK. Video screenshot of Gael Fashingbauer Cooper / CNET…


No one but Stan Lee could deliver a package to Tony STANK.

Video screenshot of Gael Fashingbauer Cooper / CNET

When Stan Lee died in the 95’s, many fans fondly reminded Marvel Comics legend and his sly cameos in Marvel Movies . (Lee as a FedEx provider of “Tony STANK” can forever be my favorite.)

Soon, we talked about what Lee Como’s film guests would see in future movies. (Here are some to watch for .)

But in a world where we can not leave anything alone, it has also been buzz about having someone else, possibly Deadpool, replacing Lee to make future MCU cameos.

Marvel has not said anything about this. It’s all fanchies. But only if it rises anymore, let’s be clear: that thought is as horrible as sipping a parking lot from Hulk.

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A Reddit contributor started the idea well and suggests Deadpool, the soft Mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds, appears in Lee. And another fan-twisted idea, says Deadpool should wear Lee’s iconic sunglasses, along with a gray wig and mustache. To steal a line from Deadpool itself: “You are clowning. You are not clowning? I feel for clowns.” And to steal another line, the famous foul-mouthed character once said, “No @ #!%! ^ # Way.”

It’s a fun idea, but it’s a fun idea for maybe an editorial cartoon to go along with that showing Lee reaches St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven using Spider-Man’s web or off The costumed superheroes that all stand around Lee’s casket.

Lee’s cameo, just like Alfred Hitchcock’s before him, was small moments in a complex movie universe. While I watched them this week, I was surprised at how short some of them were. Someone, like Tony Stank’s delivery, was a bit longer, but sometimes he was literally just a face in the audience, a background character that rewarded the fans’ careful eyes.

Having Deadpool appearing in a Stan Lee getup would provide viewers of the film’s carefully designed universe. Deadpool in a wig could never be just a guy on the game table or a man on the street. He would always be a reminder that Lee used to make these cameos, and now he’s gone, and here’s a brutal way to remember him.

The one who knew that Lee contributed to the world would probably be sad, or at least get a little nostalgic. Who did not know would be confused: Why does this soft character look suddenly in, says Wakanda, standing in a gray wig and sunglasses?

Such cameos would not be meant to be in bad taste, only that they were a part of Lee, and Lee alone. Not everything can or should be revised and reworked infinite. With great power, it is a great responsibility not to go back and screw everything up.

Sometimes entertainment concepts, regardless of character or storyline or como, should be added to rest with those who owned them. From the FedEx driver to Larry King lookalike, Lee delivered his cameos with a one-of-a-kind edge that is as insignificant as he is. He is the only Marvel actor that can not be reworked.

Nuff said.

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