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Cesar Sayoc blasted Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee claim. But his own Seminole brag is Bogus.

Cesar Sayoc turns out to be Elizabeth Warren of bomb suspects. On a Twitter account under the name of Cesar…

Cesar Sayoc turns out to be Elizabeth Warren of bomb suspects.

On a Twitter account under the name of Cesar Altieri, the man now suspects sending 13 pipe bombs to Trump critics have previously said that in the name of “Unconquered Seminole Nation”.

In such a statement, presumably on behalf of Seminoles, he condemned Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for the governor of Florida.

“During the FBI investigation” Altieri / Sayoc said by Gillum.

On his Twitter profile, he says he is working at the Hollywood Casino, Florida, as “Current Book Agent / Sales / Marketing / Campaigns / Project Mgr Live Event Seminole Hard Rock Live.”

And he has founded at least three companies &#821

1; two dry cleaners and a food supplier – his name is “Proud Native American”.

After reading Sayoc’s arrest and declared inheritance, a spokesman for Seminoles reported that he was not a member of a tribe or not employed at his casino. A statement from the tribe read:

“We can not find any evidence that Cesar Altieri, Caesar Altieri, Caesar Altieri Sayoc, Ceasar Altieri Randazzo (Facebook) or Julus Cesar Milan (Twitter) are or were members of or employed in the Seminole Tribal in Florida, or is or was employed by Seminole Gaming or Hard Rock International. At this time, we can not verify if he is or was employed by a company. “

His charade had obviously not stopped Sayoc in order to repeatedly spell Warren on Twitter because she would be a member of the Cherokee tribe.

“Elizabeth Warren, Leftist FRAUD … She Lives To Be Cherokee,” he wrote.

In a tweet he wrote a copy of Warren’s birth certificate, which indicates that the entry for the race was “White”. [19659002] Another tweet photohopped Warren between two Indian historical characters with the words “DANCES WITH PERJURY.”

But he does not seem to have made any special comment when Warren announced that she tested her DNA and a Stanford University expert had found, “The results strongly support the presence of an unmarried native American ancestor in the pedigree of the individual, probably within 6-10 generations then.”

Maybe a part of Sayoc was concerned that such a test could show that he missed a small trace as Warren trumped, proving she is 1.6 percent to 0.1 percent Indians but 100 percent idiot .

This week, the FBI, who may investigate Gillum, went out to find the bomb maker-ran a DNA test for Sayoc for another purpose. The agents had focused on Sayoc after his fingerprints were found on one of the units. His press was on file as a result of a series of arrests, including one to steal expensive copper pipes. (The bombs had been built with cheaper PVC pipes).

The test for Sayor’s DNA strongly suggested that he was the same person whose DNA had been found on several of the units.

Interesting is that a distinguished Trump critic, to which Sayoc did not send an explosive device, was Elizabeth Warren, who our president has often proclaimed as “Pocahontas”.

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