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Central American immigrants who enter Tijuana face long stays

TIJUANA, Mexico – About 2000 immigrants from the Central American caravan are at the US door and another 1,200 from…

TIJUANA, Mexico – About 2000 immigrants from the Central American caravan are at the US door and another 1,200 from a second caravan located from Mexico City to the border on Friday. With US border inspectors dealing with only about 100 asylum applications one day at the main border crossing with San Diego, the prospect of immigrants being caught waiting in Tijuana for months increased. ” srcset=”

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first group shared from a larger group of about 5,000 plans to apply for asylum in the United States. The carriage has been broken somewhat in recent days in a final push to the border, with some immigrants moving quickly into buses and others who end up behind.

With shelter already full, the Tijuana authorities opened a gym and gated sports complex for up to 1,000 immigrants, with the opportunity to expand to 3000. But at least many immigrants were still on their way or fooled into the city aboard buses, and a third caravan was still waiting in Mexico City.

Tijuana faces a potential influx of as many as 10,000 in all. The city’s privately-run homes are meant to have a capacity of 700.

Francisco Rueda, Senior Prosecutor of Baja California State Gov. Francisco Vega de la Madrid, said, “This is not a crisis”, but agreed that “this is an extraordinary situation.”

 Central America Migrant Caravan

Marvin Ochoa, Honduras center, is waiting for a meal behind its Mrs Diana Marylin Ochoa after arriving with a migrating caravan in Central America to Tijuana, Mexico, Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Gregory Bull / AP

To apply for asylum in San Diego, migrants name their name in a tattered notebook blocked by tape and handled by migrants in a plaza outside the entrance to the crossing. On Thursday, they received immigrants who registered their names six weeks ago. The waiting list has grown to more than 3,000 names and stands to be much longer with new arrivals.

Rueda said that if all immigrants from the caravan currently in Tijuana were to register for asylum in the US, they would probably have to wait four months at current processing rates. Therefore, the state has asked the Mexican federal authorities to encourage people in other caravans to go to other border cities.

Concerns continued on what the Central Americans will do, or how they will support themselves in the meantime.

Rueda said that the state has 7,000 jobs available to its “Central American migrant brothers” who receive legal residence in Mexico.

“In Baja California there is an employment opportunity for those who request it, but for this to happen, it must regulate migrating status,” he said.

The blossoming factories in the city 1.6 million always seek workers and several thousand Haitian immigrants turned away at the border to the United States have found jobs and settled in Tijuana in the last two years.

Migrated caravans on their way to the United States became a campaign problem in the United States mid-term election. President Trump ordered the deployment of over 5,000 military troops to the border and has insinuated without evidence that there are criminals or even terrorists in the group.

Many say they fly widespread poverty, gang violence and political instability mainly in the Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

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