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Celtics-Pacers takeaways: Celtics blows out Victor Oladipo and Pacers

COMMENTS Pacer guard Victor Oladipo does not suck things after his team's 27-point loss to Celtics Wednesday night at TD…


Pacer guard Victor Oladipo does not suck things after his team’s 27-point loss to Celtics Wednesday night at TD Garden.

“We sucked tonight,” said 2018 All-Star, who did not sign a minute’s playing time in the fourth quarter because of the lopsided point. “There is no way around it.”

In Indiana’s defense, Pacers worked on the second night of back-to-back and without great man Myles Turner. But Celtics pretty much set the clinic for its fourth straight victory – the trouncing league’s second ranked defense with a season-high 1

35 points.

Increased ball movement continued to be an effective strategy for the C players, who talked to 30-plus assists for their fifth in a row in a row. Seven players made double figures marked with 22-point excursions from both Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown.

“I thought we had very good performance from many good people against a really good team,” coach Brad Stevens said.

Here’s what we learned from the 135-108 victory:

Jayson Tatum still has that sparkle.

After struggling to find his shot since Christmas Day, Jayson Tatum’s first quarter was almost perfect.

The 20-year-old was aggressive from the jump and counted 11 points in 5-for-6 shooting in eight minutes. Tatum’s offensive attack distinguished his versatile expertise – he struck a three-pointer, a fadeaway jump shot, a pull-up jump shot, and two-finger roll layouts – as he was a threat from every part of the floor. He finished with 20 points on 9-to-15 shots and four assisted.

When Tatum cooks, it not only increases its individual numbers, it also promotes opportunities for others to engage.

“[He and Kyrie Irving] pay attention so much, and everyone else has so much benefit from the attention they draw,” Stevens said.

Jaylen Brown seems to have found his trail.

Brown has cut out the role himself for the bench since returning from his back injury in early December. Painted as one of the early season’s disappointments, the 21-year-old surely has done a solid job that proves the hatred wrong with his latest consistent stretch. In Boston’s last five games, Brown is an average of 17.4 points in 58.2 percent shooting. As point guard Kyrie Irving noted, he makes “stronger cut, better pass, [and] better offensive decisions.”

“We have many players, many pieces out there, so we just try to find out who you are and where you fit into this team and things,” says Brown. “It will continue to change and things like that . You just have to be patient and keep working hard, and everything will fall into place. “

Brown identified his attitude and mind as the keys to his success. Although he probably prefers to return to the starting line, Brown said he is trying to” do the best with the situation whatever it is. “He has no doubt .

In his first 19 games as a starter, Brown signed zero 20-point games, in his last 16 games, mostly as a reserve, he has set up six, from field-goal percent to helping percent, Brown’s numbers are all climbing month over the month, he will be the first to tell, but there is nothing special about the surplus.

“Just hoopin” that’s it, “he said.

The crime as a whole looks more comfortable.

Celtics have climbed up into the league’s ladder for offensive assessment after starting the season far too close to the bottom. In January, Boston’s offensive rating (118.5) ranked fourth best in the league. Altogether, about halfway through the season, it ranked ninth (110.9).

The issues definitely penetrate up, with players having a better understanding of what is expected of them and how these expectations manifest themselves on the court.

“How we play, we all understand from where our shots will come from [and] what types of coaches want us,” says Al Horford. “I feel like a unit we begin to understand how the coach wants us to play. “

” Guys know where their spots are and do not force the question when they are not there and take it when they are, “Stevens added.

Irving was quick to note that there are” some tough tests “like comes up – Celtics hosts the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors later in the month – but is encouraged by the fact that the team trusts one another more so than they did at the beginning of the season.

You Can Say that our team only feels really good around each other, he says. “It’s quite different in how we feel out there. It’s just really positive.”

David Pastrnak and Charlie McAvoy from Boston Bruins are looking at the game between Celtics and Pacers. – Image of Maddie Meyer / Getty Images
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