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CDC director Robert Redfield says the pandemic flu is “very possible”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keep an eye on the flu after the highest number of deaths from…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keep an eye on the flu after the highest number of deaths from the virus last year since modern tracing began. It has been 100 years since the devastating Spanish pandemic killed 50 million people worldwide. In an interview with CBS This Morning-co-host John Dickerson, CDC Manager Dr. Robert Redfield, said one of his biggest fears today is another pandemic, which he says is “very possible”.

“You know, people ask me what’s going on at night. And what keeps me at night is just what you picked up, pandemic flu. So I think it’s very possible,” he said. “And we are in danger of another pandemic. Our best preparation for that pandemic is to optimize our response to seasonal flu … But, John, I think it’s, you know, is still a serious opportunity.”

The US government estimates that 80,000 Americans died of the flu and its complications last winter &#821

1; the highest deaths of the disease for at least four decades.

“We lost more children last year from influenza deaths than a year since we started recording. The majority of the children who died, however, were not vaccinated,” said Redfield. “I want to come back and argue that immunization is one of the most critical tools we have to eliminate diseases … in this case, it’s the most important tool we need to minimize the flu.”

President Trump has previously mentioned that he was thinking of a working group to investigate the vaccine cuts, but Redfield said he never talked with the president about himself.

“Have you ever wondered how to educate him about the benefits of vaccines?” Dickerson asked.

“The most powerful tool we have to eliminate disease is vaccination … We are about to eliminate polio from the world. There are 22 cases of polio right now.” How did we get on the verge? Vaccination, “said Redfield. .

CDC recommends that all six-year-olds and older be vaccinated against the flu every year, but a new study suggests that many children may not receive the potentially life-saving flu paw because of their parents’ misconceptions about the safety and weight of vaccines.

A Florida child has become the first person to die of the flu this season last month, according to the state healthcare officer. State epidemiologists say that the child had not been vaccinated and otherwise healthy before they became ill with flu.

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