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Carrier states that iOS 12.1 will be released on Tuesday with the eSIM launch

Apple is hosting its final media event on the 30th of October, which is expected to introduce new iPad Pro…

Apple is hosting its final media event on the 30th of October, which is expected to introduce new iPad Pro models and a replacement for the MacBook Air laptop. Several characters also point out that iOS 12.1 starts the same day, probably a few hours after the event has ended.

We have heard from several different sources of operators to clarify for an iOS 12.1 launch on October 30, coinciding with the eSIM support for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR …

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The new iPhones contain an electronic SIM card that enables dual SIM features for the first time in an iPhone. China iPhones do not use eSIM, instead, these SKU devices contain a SIM slot that contains two physical SIMs card.)

Users will be able to add another line to their existing iPhone, giving the device two phone numbers for calls and texts, and utilizing the different data packets offered by each plan. The iPhone XS and iPhone XR include a technology called Dual-SIM Dual Standby, which means both phone numbers are active at the same time. The iPhone will actively respond to calls from both languages ​​automatically.

ESIM features were not available for the iPhone XS debut last month, but they are included in iOS 12.1. We have heard from several US and Europe operators that they have been informed of starting using eSIM contract from Tuesday, as users will be able to download iOS 12.1 on the same day. Bharti Airtel India also seems to be ready for a October 30 launch:

We believe that Apple Stores gets the special QR code sheets before Tuesday launch. To install eSIM, an Apple user simply scans a special QR code with its iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR. This automatically fills in the required account information and activates the electronic SIM card. Some carriers allow customers to register via the app as well.

Apple has also updated its iOS 12 User’s Guide confirming the features of iOS 12.1, another suggestion that a public release of iOS 12.1 is imminent.

Even if you do not care about dual SIM functionality, there are many new features in iOS 12.1 to enjoy. There are more than 70 new emoji, live deep controls for iPhone XS / XR so you can adjust Bokeh blur of Portrait mode in flight search of the camera searcher and addition of Group FaceTime. Group FaceTime enables encrypted group video chat with up to 32 people at a time, with the same simplicity and elegance as a 1: 1 FaceTime call. Group FaceTime requires an iPhone 6 or later device due to performance limitations of older devices.

We also expect the new iPad Pro hardware to ship with iOS 12.1, enabling features like unlocking face detection and Memoji sync to share the same set of custom animoji between your different iOS devices.

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