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Carolina Panther's Eric Reid scrap with Malcolm Jenkins, other Philadelphia Eagles

October 21, 2018 Sports 0 Views PHILADELPHIA – The cases have been heated between Carolina Panther's security Eric Reid and…

PHILADELPHIA – The cases have been heated between Carolina Panther’s security Eric Reid and Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins before Sunday’s game at the Lincoln Financial Field, and it hit the competition.

It goes back to its feud that began last year when Reid retired from the players’ coalition.

A Carolina assistant coach and officer had to keep Reid sideways when the eagles were introduced.

Panther Security Eric Reid confronts the eagle’s safety Malcolm Jenkins before the start of Sunday’s game at the Lincoln Financial Field. Getty Images

Reid ran into the field during the coin throw and entered a heated exchange with Jenkins, who was in the field before the previous eagle’s wide receiver Torrey Smith and several other Panthers Reid.

Reid continued to look at the Philadelphia sideline where Jenkins stood on the first series. Early in the first quarter, Reid entered a blink and beat quarterback Carson Wentz to the field after Wentz gave the ball on his back. Eagles tight than Zach Ertz went after Reid and both players were required for personal mistakes.

After the match, Reid Jenkins called “a sellout.”

Reid, signed by Carolina three weeks ago when security when Norris Searcy suffered a seasonal brainwashing, squeezed under the national anthem in his continued protest against social injustice.

Reid was the first player to kneel next to Colin Kaepernick when both were with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016.

Jenkins, co founder of the Player Colony, who originally joined the protests. He ended last season after NFL announced that it would donate $ 100 million to causes that are considered important to the coalition.

On Sunday, Reid said that he thought Jenkins was “capitalized on the situation.” He co-ordinated the move Colin started to get his organization financed. “It’s cool.” He sold us. “

Jenkins replied,” I would never come up here and say something bad about someone I know whose purpose was real to help society, especially another black man. I’ll leave it. “

Reid claimed that Jenkins excluded Kaepernick from meetings where players were asked if they would end protest during the anthem about NFL made a donation. Reid and several other players announced in November 2017 resigned from the coalition. Among Reid’s concerns were where the initiative’s funding came from.

“In the discussion we had, Malcolm conveyed to us – based on discussions he had with NFL – that the money would come from funds already allocated to breast cancer awareness and greed to service,” Reid said. “So there would really be no shine by the owner’s backs: they would just move the money from these programs to this one.”

Jenkins took exception to Reid’s assertion and told ESPN that Reid was well aware of the “scope of the plan.”

“The last time we had a conversation with [Roger] Goodell and Troy Vincent were Michael Thomas and Eric Reid of that conversation, “said Jenkins. “They understood the proposal. What we did not have was a conversation with players in the coalition based on some of the answers we received from the league.

” We then talked that I contacted Troy Vincent to just give them some updates about some of our feedback, as I did. The conversation did not have Mike or Eric on it. Any sort of agreement about it. “

ESPN’s Tim McManus contributed to this report.

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