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Carlos Ghosn Filt Stars Deserved Big Pay. His prosecutor says he took it too far.

Mr. Ghosn lived in Paris, Amsterdam, Beirut and Rio de Janeiro; shuttled around the world on a corporate jet; and…

Mr. Ghosn lived in Paris, Amsterdam, Beirut and Rio de Janeiro; shuttled around the world on a corporate jet; and dined with heads of state. He gathered contemporary art, invested in vineyards and rented Versailles in 2016 to celebrate his wedding to her second wife, Carole, along with her 50th birthday. The party was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s film “Marie Antoinette”.

At the time when prosecutors embarked on his company flight at Haneda Airport in Tokyo to raise him to question Ghosn had been involved in several fights against leading salary, something of a recurring part-plot in his career. He has made many million dollars as official and chairman of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors. Sometimes his salary of investors and politicians, including Emmanuel Macron, became the French president when he was Finance Minister in 201


“He always argued that he was compensated enough,” said Robin Ferracone, founder of Farient Advisors, an executive remuneration advisory company. “The question was whether he should be compared to Japanese standards or international standards or US standards.”

In Japan, Mr. Ghost’s salary was far from his counterparts. As President of Nissan last year, he reported an income of 735 million, more than four times the salary of Toyota’s chairman.

“There was always a connection between Western management wages and Japanese management salaries,” said Christopher Richter, deputy director of Japan research at CLSA, an investment and broker group. Although “compared with executives in other countries, some people would consider him as underpaid,” says Richter. “I guess you can say that there was something of a culture about it.”

Mr. Ghosn was unaware of his salary and commitment when discussing his achievements. When the Financial Times this year asked him if he was paid too much, he laughed. “You will not have any CEO say,” I’m too compensated, “he said.

Mr. Ghosn was born in Brazil to Lebanese immigrants and moved to Beirut when he was a child.

He continued to study technology at an elite university in Paris and then worked at Michelin, the tire manufacturer for 18 years.

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