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Caravan breakaway group of hundreds of migrants arriving at the US border, officials say

The advance to the huge Central American migrant caravan that traveled to the border arrived in Tijuana on Wednesday –…

The advance to the huge Central American migrant caravan that traveled to the border arrived in Tijuana on Wednesday – at least one week before the schedule – as troops continue to massacre on the American side of the border under President Trump’s promise to reject the group.

A breakway group of several hundred migrants from the main car has already arrived at Tijuana, partially assisted by buses, officials from the Department of Homeland Security told Fox News. [19659003] “As we have said repeatedly, being a caravan member do not give you any special rights to enter the country,” told DHS spokesman Katie Waldman for Fox News. “If they arrive at an access port, they must wait in line with the legal processes in our ports of entry. If they try to enter illegally, they will have violated US criminal law and in accordance with the President’s proclamation and the interim rule should they are incompatible with asylum. “

Waiting for the American side of the border are thousands of US troops and border control authorities &#821

1; and on Wednesday, the Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

The immigrant group arrived at the border city after nine buses loaded 357 passengers through the penultimate tip of their intended trip, said Tijuana’s chief of migrant services.

A Catholic nun gives travel messages to migrants from Central America who drive in a semi-trailer as they move towards the United States borders.
(AP Photo / Marco Ugarte)

After arriving at the border town, the group immediately went to a stretch of border crossing to celebrate, said Cesar Palencia Chavez Associated Press.

Chavez added that the authorities had offered to take the migrants to shelter immediately, but the group refused first and said they wanted to stay together. After visiting the border detention, most immigrants were protected in groups of 30 or 40 years.

An American immigrant, part of the caravan that hoping to reach the US, carrying his dog in a dump, on his way to Mazatlan, Mexico, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018.
(AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd)

Customs and border protection announced Tuesday that it closed four lanes at the occupied San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports in San Diego, California. The agency said the closures were needed to “install and prepare harbor hardening infrastructure equipment to prepare migrant caravan and the possible safety and security risks that it may cause,” FOX5 San Diego says.

It still leaves a significant path for tens of thousands of people crossing daily: Twenty-two lanes are still open at San Ysidro and 12 at Otay Mesa.

San Ysidro is the busiest traffic crossing, with approximately 110,000 people entering the US every day. It includes about 40,000 vehicles, 34,000 pedestrians and 150 to 200 buses.


The group arriving in Tijuana is located in front of the main car, whose number has swelled to 11,500, including several subsequent caravans which lies behind. The leading caravan rests in the Benito Juarez Auditorium in Guadalajara on Wednesday, Mexico is next disturbed take town, home to 1.5 million people and is located about 1,400 miles from Tijuana.

The caravan members voted in Mexico City last week to take longer, and much safer, westward, instead of the roads to Texas, a much shorter trip that takes them closer to Houston and Florida and other destinations in eastern United States.

Immigrants fear cartels and kidnappings in the northern Mexican states, but also want to enter the United States legally through the asylum process.

“Our plan is to keep up with the caravan, go to the United States and have a better life,” Jorge Gomez, a 14-year-old from Guatemala traveling with his father and dreams of going to college and becoming an engineer, told Fox News. “I want the chance to have a good family and be welcome.”


President Trump has said the caravan includes criminals, as the migrants say is true. The US Department of Homeland Security said on November 1 that 270 people in the caravan have criminal stories.

Earlier this month, home security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Fox News. There is intelligence that indicates the migrant’s caravan that travels through Mexico contains a limited number of people outside the region, including the Middle East.

“We see absolute people from the Middle East, from southeast Asia, from other parts of the world – not just from Central America,” she told Fox News, “Catherine Herridge” in an exclusive interview.

Central American immigrants moving as caravans toward the US border get one free ride on a truck in Ixtlán del Rio, Nayarit, Mexico, Tuesday, November 13, 2018.
(AP Photo / Marco Ugarte)

Trump has also ordered deployment of over 5,000 military troops to the border to help ward off immigrants.

Many in the caravan said, however, that they are used to harsh conditions and are not deterred.

“We are well aware of all that Trump has said,” a woman named Maribel, who did not want her last name used for fear of reprisals in Honduras, told the Associated Press. “Let them close what they want to close, but we’ll get through anyway.”

Fox News Catherine Herridge, Jake Gibson, Robert Shaffer and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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