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Canadian Rapper Jon James Dies In Music Video Aircraft Stunt

October 24, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views An airplane tune became fatal to Canadian rapper Jon James during a music video…

An airplane tune became fatal to Canadian rapper Jon James during a music video game in Vernon, British Columbia.

The performer, whose full name was Jon James McMurray, went too far on the wing of an airborne Cessna during Saturday’s filming, forcing it to a downward spiral, told his CNN leadership on Tuesday. He eventually dropped off and was killed when he hit the ground.

“Jon held the wing until it was too late, and at the time he released, he did not have time to write,” told Ryan Desrochers, Jamess’s management team, for the news network. “He affected and died immediately.”

The pilot recalled the plane and landed safely, according to The Globe and Mail.

“Jon was an incredibly passionate person and always played”, his team said in a statement, per billboard. “He filled everyone around him with positivity and never spoke badly about another person. He really had a heart of gold.”

“He’s a legend”, James, Mrs Kali, wrote with an Instagram video by one of his stunts. “I will live for ever in your legacy.”

In addition to his wife, James survives by his father, mother and brother, people noted.

James, who often performed stunts for his videos, released a clip of his daring explode earlier this month.

James was an acrobatic skier who turned to rap after breaking his back, People reported.

Some of Jamess’s music videos attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

A new track titled “Patron” appeared on its YouTube channel on Monday.

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