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Can Derrick Henry Plow By Titan's Offensive Violence? | Bleacher Report

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images On Thursday in Nashville, a Tennessee Titans team faced a very uneven season in front…

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

On Thursday in Nashville, a Tennessee Titans team faced a very uneven season in front of a must-win game against Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Titans received the inscribed, no less compliments of a record set by backback Derrick Henry. The victory kept the Titans in the AFC hunt for 7-6 and gave their bottom five crimes with a necessary shot of adrenaline.

The question is whether the Titans happened to be a new offensive support that leads a late rise and get the titans to the final play for a second straight time.

James Kenney / Associated Press

Can Henry bulge through Tenson’s offensive constraints?

It did not take him long to go against a supposedly tough Jaguar’s defense. Henrik’s first berry was a 14-yard surge that took Titans close to the finish line. Two tears later scored points.

He just started.

After a bad special team, the Jaguars later decided for a safety, driving Jaguar the length of the field, just to turn fourth down at the 1-yard line. Tennessee was backed up first and sent to Henry, hoping he could buy the team a small breathing space.

He did it.

Henry took the ball through the middle, raced to the left sideline and left and showed about the same interest in being remedied as Godzilla does when the military arrives. Ninety-five yards-bound for the longest run in NFL history.

When he spoke to Fox’s Erin Andrews after the match, Henry was quick to credit everyone from his teammates to the only other backback that ever achieved that achievement.

“Man, I’m with Tony Dorsett,” Henry said. “It’s a legend. It’s someone I looked up on and I’ve actually spent some time with him when I won Heisman.” But I’m just so blessed. Credit to all my teammates-O-line, blocking, tight ends, receiver … it’s a whole group. Not only me. I just have to go out and do what I do and play a game. “

Had it been all Henry did on Thursday he would have had a good game. He had several laps that rushed off himself in the first quarter than the jaguar usually allowed in a competition (108.4).

That was not all he did.

Henry put Titan’s single game with 238 meters on just 17 berries. He tied a franchise record with four rushing touchdowns, adding a 16-yarder and 54-yarder in the second half.

Yes, Henry also had a 54-yard score. He counted 14 meters per berry and beat both 200 rushing yards and four touchdowns, per Fox Postgame show, in the most colorful berries of the Super Bowl era (since 1966).

Henry may have had five points, but he insisted that Mike Vrabel’s head coach in the fourth quarter as second backback Dion Lewis will score a goal late.

“We must both eat,” Henry told Andrews after the match. “I wanted to see him get a touchdown. I got four.”

He also broke about all the tags ever and gave 117,000 fantasy owners (give or take) either huge pangs of joy or anxiety.

Other than that, he was just okay.

If you are a half-empty type of person you can add the caution that Jacksonville tackled in this game would have needed to improve fivefold to be pathetic. But even if you add a star of 11 defensive matadores in black helmets, the result will still talk for years.

Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

Now that the dam has settled on Henriks rampage, the bigger question is what it means to these Titans.

Of course, he will not medieval 14m one pop each game. Or ever again. In fact, Henry did not once go on average on week 14, of which four laps per berry. The third year pro had received 474 meters in 128 tries with five points in 12 matches. Henry had a better per-wear and more touchdowns than Lewis & # 39; 3.4 and one, but the two had formed a rather uninspired duo. With regard to total touch, Lewis has been leading back.

Everyone said that Titans was 17th in riots that went into week 14 and 29 in laps per berry.

Perhaps this explosion will start both Henrys season and tennis games. But the cold, difficult truth, he is shown a little to indicate what would be the case. When Henry’s berries have gone up while his career has evolved, his average per meter has brought down. Whether or not because of that reason or Henry’s lack of coupons, he has never been trusted as the “guy” in the backfield.

This stretch can be the perfect time for an audition. The Titans have not had a good break, ranked 28th total crime (310.2 meters per game) and 28th points (18.4 points per race) into week 14.

That a team with an anemia attack was even at .500 is a testament to a defense that has carried Tennessee for most of the year.

It becomes clearer this week as quarterback Marcus Mariota can not. The Titans came into this must-win business 29 in the league in the pass. Mariota has not been terrible – his 68.6 percent graduation rate is a career high, and his pass grade is 95, but he is nowhere near the elite either. On Thursday night, Mariota missed an open recipient on a fourth throw of the finish line and threw a horrible first quarter.

James Kenney / Associated Press

Titans can hope until the cows come home, but there is enough evidence to know that “good” is Mariotta’s thanks. He will never be fine. He will not wear a team in the playoffs.

So, let Henry try. Give him the keys.

The tennis game’s last three games (at the giants followed by Washington and Indianapolis at home) do not represent a killers line. The Titans will benefit in at least two of these competitions and possibly all of them.

Determine the run early with Henry. No more Lewis out of the gate. That’s not to say that he should not still play a role in passing downs. But go straight to people. Let Henry bear defense with the 247-pound. Let him top 200 wear in a season for the first time as a pro. Use the race to set game actions, turn the bad defense away and beat opponents.

It seems like an appealing plan for a primary school coach like Vrabel. Hello, dig up son-read, and you can even keep Mariota on the field.

Go figure.

The Titans have had their moments in 2018. They beat both of this year’s Super Bowl contestants, including a 34-10 blast of patriots in week 10. But they followed the victories over Philadelphia and New England by losing to Buffalo and getting swept by colts

A major role for Henry may not be the magic solution for that inconsistency. But after doing what he did to the jaguar, it’s worth giving a shot.

Keep it simple. Pound the rock. Play defense. Where we thought the Jaguars would be 2018.

These jags may have just shown them the way.

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