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Camera encountered “deadly error” in third party applications

November 20, 2018 Technology 2 Views Google's latest flagship can have a leading camera, but it's not without bugs, and…

Google’s latest flagship can have a leading camera, but it’s not without bugs, and now we have another to add to the list. Unfortunately, for some, a camera may be used to use the camera in third party applications to disable the camcorder completely until you restart. Even the stock camera app is unfunctional until you turn on the power.

BuzzFeed News Manager Mat Honan ran into the same problem after picking up a Pixel 3 for his own personal use, following his otherwise positive review. The difficulty of the problem prompted him to pull his website’s recommendation of the phone in his review.

The following statement was submitted to BuzzFeed about the issue: “We’ve looked at reports of this issue and have identified an action that will roll out in the coming weeks.”

We have reached a Google representative for further information but received no response at the time of publication. Meanwhile, those affected will have to stay away from apps that can cause the problem or risk a temporary broken camera next time they try to snap a photo.

The problem can go even further than Pixel 3 and 2 phones, based on other reports. Our coverage has been updated to include this information.

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