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Cam Newton wears cleats honoring victims of the Pittsburgh shooting

November 9, 2018 Sports 0 Views PITTSBURGH – Carolina Panther's quarterback Cam Newton showed his support for the sad city…

PITTSBURGH – Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton showed his support for the sad city of Pittsburgh and his team owners by wearing black and gold warming clothes with “Hatred can not weaken a city of steel” on the side before Thursday night’s game against Steelers.

Steel’s quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also showed his support with bricks that said “Stronger Than Hate” and listed the names of the 11 people who were recently shot and killed by a gun in the Synagogue Tree of Life.

Pittsburgh is the home of Carolina owner David Tepper, who was a minority owner of Steelers before buying the panthers earlier this year for $ 2,275 billion, a record for an NFL team.

While the location of the shooting was not Teppers primary synagogue, he lived near it while at the elementary school at Carnegie Mellon University.

One of Teppers best friends was married to the synagogue.

Carpets were not surprised at Newton and Roethlisberger had clothes to raise awareness about the tragedy.

“It’s fun to see it,” he said. “As I have said many times, people do not appreciate how big the guys do things in community. It’s fun to see. It’s not surprising to see. There are so many people getting used to, but it’s really a good thing like these guys do. & # 39;

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