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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will originally have a co-op campaign, as per the previous Treyarch QA Tester

Scraped in mid 2017 to focus more on multiplayer maps.Posted by Shubhankar Parijat | November 11, 2018 Under News When…

Scraped in mid 2017 to focus more on multiplayer maps.
Posted by Shubhankar Parijat | November 11, 2018 Under News

When Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was confirmed to launch without campaign, the message did not send well with a large part of the series’s fan base. Certainly, the fact that Blackout, the kind of royal fashion that replaced it is absolutely excellent helped place many of these people, but it is still a controversial decision.
As it turns out that if a new report is to be believed, Tryearch had not always planned to launch without a campaign. A Reddit user recently posted a thread claiming to be a previous QA test for the studio before it fired and leaked a host of interesting tasks. This thread on Reddit has now been deleted, but the information has been compiled by a separate Reddit thread, while another Reddit thread also contains some relevant information from it.
It should be noted that although there was no real verification of the person’s identity or his previous position at Treyarch, his leaks look like the real thing based on information about zombies easter eggs that he gave that is consistent with what is known for to be true.
First of all, they claimed that Treyarch had actually worked with a Black Ops 4 campaign until mid 201

7. This would differ from regular campaigns and would include co-op matches between two teams of two struggling with or against each other in “race to goal” style mission. This eventually happened halfway through 2017, because Treyarch wanted to make more multiplayer maps. Before it was scrapped, five campaign missions had been designed, and Treyarch wanted to do more, but did not have time to do it. The work of Blackout and Zombies apparently started at the same time.
They also stated that the first planned DLC package will be a prequel to the Chaos storyline in Zombies and will contain a new character of characters. There will also be a new Zombies map in each of the planned DLC Nuketown Zombies is also in “100%” in pipeline, but no date of its release has been planned. A 4v4 position for Zombies is also part of the plan, but the leak claims that this may stop being interrupted.
The person who leaked this information also spoke a little about some behind the Treyarch scenes. Apparently, they were dismissed under dubious conditions, according to their claims, while there is currently only a QA test that works 12 hours each day. They also claimed that Treyarch “just gives a joke when big streamers get their game crashed. They do not care about minority game crashes.”
Keep in mind that it’s currently not clear information but given how much traction it seems to be to get over to Reddit and how, according to the community in the thread over there, Activision can threaten legal action against the leakker due to disclosure of confidential information, there is a possibility that it may be legitimate. Anyway, stay up to date and we will stay up to date.

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