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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review – Blackout, Multiplayer, Zombies

As a continuation of the Black Ops subseries, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, both benefits and are limited by…

As a continuation of the Black Ops subseries, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, both benefits and are limited by its past. All three of its major modes – multiplayer, zombies, and the new battle royal mode Blackout – pull from and build on previous games. Multiplayer is largely successful in its mix of old and new, while Zombies struggle more with dated elements. Blackout, though, strikes an excellent balance, putting a clever Call of Duty spin on a genre entirely new to the series.

While Black Ops 4 does not have a traditional single-player campaign, it does have a helpful set of character-focused tutorial missions. Called Specialist HQ, it introduces you to each of the 1

0 multiplayer Specialists one by one, taking you through their unique abilities and a practice multiplayer match. Det har en bit av en historie og en gorgeous (og gory) cutscenes threading hver oppgave sammen, men det er alt i tjeneste for å få deg kjent med den nye spesialistmekanikken – som er vel verdt de tre eller så timer det tar, siden Sommige van die mechanieken verschijnen in Blackout als well.

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] Multiplayer

Multiplayer is the most straightforward of the modes, and Black Ops 4 is attempted to be more tactical than previous entries. The wall-running and thrust-jumping of Black Ops 3 is gone, replaced with weighty grounded motion, and healing is now manual and on a cooldown timer. Den kombinationen tvinger dig til at være mer gjennomtenkt om din positionering, siden du ikke bare kan jet og dodge fiende fire, før din helse regenererer – du trenger å sikre at du har tilstrekkelig tid og tid til å helbrede deg selv i din umiddelbare nærhet. This encourages a slightly slower, more cautious pace on an individual level, and it’s refreshing to play it smart instead of just fixed.

The more tactical feel extends to the Specialists, which build upon those introduced in Black Ops. 3. Each has a unique. Each time a to-kill is still low and respected still close-instant, ensuring that matches do not stagnate. weapon and equipment with a specific combat focus, like area control or high damage output. Each Specialist’s weapon is tied to a longer cooldown and functions as a superpowered attack (or defensive ability, in some cases), while their equipment varies from a special grenade to trip mines and other gear with a clear strategic purpose. This includes roles other than offensive ones – there’s even a pseudo-healer Specialist, Crash – and it’s a change that gives multiplayer more variety.

Certain Specialists and Strategies are more useful in some game types than others, though. Area control is best for objective-based modes like Domination, for example, and far less effective in the more scattered Team Deathmatch. Generellt, din valg af Specialist og din gruppes sammensætning vil ikke matter i nogen form hvis du ikke er kvalificeret til grundlæggende optagelse og positionering, selv om du er i en mere defensive eller støttende rolle. Dette betyr at du kan leve selvfølgelig og fremdeles seirende, som fungerer godt for de som er ofte solo queue og ville heller ikke risikere at forsøge at kommunikere med randoms. Men det kan også gjøre spillerstøtte-fokuserte Specialister mindre lønnsomt hvis du ikke jobber som et lag, siden dine anstrengelser er ubrukelige hvis dine lagkamre ikke tar fordel av dem. Det er en overraskende god balanse overordnet, men gir deg fleksibiliteten til å være bare så taktisk som du vil eller kan være og nyte kampen uansett.

The map design, too, facilitates that flexibility. Hver map har områder som er perfekte for forskellige Specialister til at dra nytte af, like blind hjørner hvor Nomad’s tur mines kan tage fiender ved overraskelse eller høje lofter hvor Recon kan skyte og skjule sin Sensor Dart som afslører fiender på din radar. Men den lange og smal tre-lane struktur, hver kort er bygget på, er et stærkt fundament for mere traditionelle optagelser, med begge lange synslinjer gode for sniper og taktiske rifler og tette rum for nærliggende automatiske våben.

 No Caption Provided  Gallery image 1  Gallery image 2  Gallery image 3  Gallery image 4  Gallery image 5  Gallery image 6  Gallery image 7  Gallery image 8 [19659020] The Specialist Strategies are best shown in the new Control, an objective-based mode in which each team, one attacking and one defending, shares 25 lives. Du vinner ved enten å uthente alle fiendens lagers liv eller oppnå eller opprettholde kontrollen over de to målene. A defensive Specialist like Torque, who has Razor Wire perfect for placement under windows and a Barricade "weapon" for extra cover, is a great option if you're trying to keep an objective, for example. </p> <h2 dir= Zombies

Black Ops 4’s Zombies is as wide as it’s deep, with two separate storylines across three maps (or four if you have The Black Ops pass included in the game’s special editions). The first two, IX and Voyage of Despair, are part of the brand-new Chaos story, while Blood of the Dead and Classified round out the selection of maps to make up the returning Aether story. All of them follow the familiar Zombies formula – fighting waves of the undead, saving money to access better weapons and new areas, and uncovering wacky secrets and puzzles along the way – but each has its own quirks that take time and effort to discover .

The Chaos maps are strong aesthetically, with rich level design and clever puzzles to match – drainage water that has seeped into the Titanic’s depths so you do not drown while searching for other secrets, for example. Like previous zombies maps, a lot of the fun comes from figuring out how the map ticks while also trying to do that, and both IX and Voyage of Despair have the complex layouts that lend themselves to thorough yet hectic exploration. Voyage is a personal favorite, with narrow, creepy hallways and presumably drowned zombies that have water gushing from their heads.

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On the Aether side, Blood of the Dead is based on Black Ops 2’s Mob of the Dead, while Classified is a reimagination of Black Ops’ Five. Selv om de er definitivt kjent, er det stadig overraskende at underholde returspillere – nogle puslespil kan ikke låse op for at forlade dem for at for eksempel. Imidlertid har Ultimus besetningen ikke været særlig godt, samtidig med at hver af dem er stereotypet til det ekstreme. The jokes just do not land anymore, especially Takeo’s overdone Japanese accent where Ls are replaced with Rs at every opportunity. In Blood of the Dead it’s distracting, but in Classified, lines about the Emperor and eating sushi are just plain offensive.

On top of the already hefty amount of Zombies content, Black Ops 4 introduces a new mode of fighting the undead, Rush. It’s a much faster-paced version of Zombies where you do not have to do any thinking or puzzle solving; you’re just there to kill them horde-style. There’s no money, so you do not need to save up to buy a weapon or unlock a door. You’re instead told which area will have the next Rush wave, and you’re directed from room to room as you go. It’s too intense to be a tutorial, per se, but it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the map, test weapons, and plan where to go next if you get stuck in Classic mode.


The third and Most exciting of Black Ops 4’s three main sections is, of course, Blackout. Like other battle royal games, Call of Duty’s tasks puts 100 players on one map with the goal of being the last person or squad standing, and a collapsing circle of death forces you in closer and closer proximity. It’s unlike anything Call of Duty has done before, and slight changes to its mechanics, like the addition of bullet drop on some weapons, help it adapt to the very different gameplay style.

Brilliant, experience in both multiplayer and zombies benefits you in blackout Perks and Specialist equipment can be looted during a match, and knowing how to use and counter them can give you an advantage. There are also zombie-infested areas that offer powerful loot at the risk of attracting human players to your position, and that PvE twist in particular helps distinguish Blackout from the likes of PUBG. A successful Blackout round can last over 20 minutes, so if you’re impatient or more used to call of duty’s shorter multiplayer formats, seeking out zombies and causing a ruck mid-match is a great way to see more action.

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The map itself is also distinctly Call of Duty, filled with references to previous games, including the fan favorite Nuketown. Vibrant and varied design makes each region stand out from the next, and the map as a whole is easy to navigate as a result. That in turn facilitates the strategic movement and positioning necessary to succeed; It’s easy to pivot if a lot of other people are nearby, for example, if you know where you are in relation to the next-best loot area.

The combination of call of duty-specific mechanics with PUBG-style health, loot, and shooting systems is executed well, with quality-of-life improvements to UI – notably, you can quickly-equip weapon attachments without going into your menu. The twists are balanced, too, and the Specialist equipment in particular does not make things feel unfair. Like in multiplayer, you can ignore anything you do not want to bother with, and survival will ultimately come down to your situations awareness, your skill with various weapons, and a bit of luck with looting and the circle. That makes victory feel earned and, as a result, immensely gratifying – Blackout definitely captures the tense, shaky excitement that makes battle royal such a popular genre.

Black Ops 4 is not short on content, and its three main modes are substantial. Multiplayer introduces more tactical mechanics without forcing you into them, and it largely strikes a good balance. Zombies has multiple deep, secret-filled maps to explore, although its return characters do not hold up and prove distracting. Finally, Blackout pushes Call of Duty in an entirely new direction, making use of aspects from both multiplayer and zombies for a take on the battle royal genre that stands on its own. Sure, there is not a traditional single-player campaign, but with the depth and breadth of what’s there, Black Ops 4 does not need it.

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