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California wildfires: The number of missing falls to 25

December 2, 2018 US 0 Views Image copyrightReuters Image textsThe fire threw out 1 8,000 homes and other buildings in…

 Holders comfort each other as they look at the remains of their homes in paradise on November 22, 2018

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The fire threw out 1

8,000 homes and other buildings in Paradise

The number of people missing after California’s deadliest firepower has fallen to 25, from a maximum of 1200 at the height of the disaster.

Butte County Sheriff’s office had set up the number missing at 49 on Friday and 500 a week ago. The number of dead remained unchanged at 88 years.

Camp fire destroyed the paradise, northeast of San Francisco, last month.

Workers have combed trash of about 18,000 destroyed homes.

The Butte Sheriff’s Department on Sunday raised evacuation orders for a number of areas affected by the fire.

However, it said that paradise remains closed for traffic and warned residents returning to the area that there was a risk of flood and mudslides due to the recent heavy rains.

Camp Fire broke out on November 8 and spread rapidly. Residents of Paradise and other nearby cities only had a few minutes to collect their loved ones and try to fly through congested roads.


Black Bear Diner – Paradise, CA

November 8, 2018

 Black Bear Diner, Paradise CA - November 8, 2018

April 2018

 Black Bear Diner, Paradise CA - April 2018

Officials said during the days that the worrying high list of those missing was “dynamic” as they handled a large number of calls, reports and emails from people worried about those they could not get.

Some media organizations pointed out irregularities in the county list. A paradise resident who fled from the fire and recovered in Virginia did not know she was on the list missing last week.

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Mediaskrift Fly in flames: “I’m so scared right now … so scared”

The fire’s cause is still being investigated, but the energy company Pacific Gas and Electric Co. reported that a high-voltage cable operated incorrectly around time and near the origin of the blast.

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