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California President of the Democratic Party takes leave of sexual misconduct

President Eric Bauman, California, announced that he is taking leave.(1 9659003) California Democratic Party President Eric Bauman, who is facing…

President Eric Bauman, California, announced that he is taking leave.


9659003) California Democratic Party President Eric Bauman, who is facing an internal investigation after several party officials accuse him of sexual abuse or harassment, take a leave until the probe is completed, announced the party Monday

The spokesman for the party Mike Roth said that Bauman had decided to leave an absence. “[a] Fter takes the holiday weekend to consider the most constructive way forward for the work of the California Democratic Party.”

“Bauman believes that this decision is the best way to ensure the independence and integrity of the process,” added Roth. “The party is convinced that the procedures in place will enable all parties to arrive freely and provide a thorough and complete review.”

The internal investigation was launched after the deputy chairman of the party Daraka Larimore-Hall demanded Bauman’s removal of what Larimore-Hall described as “credible, confirmed and complete heartbreaking claims” by “a number of party staff” who claimed that Bauman harassed or attacked them at party functions . Others Including California USA Rep. Ro Khanna and Orange County Young Democrats demanded that Bauman go away.

Larimore-Hall’s email did not contain information about either the alleged events or the affected staff. Sacramento Bee reported that Larimore-Hall spoke to two prosecutors and a witness before sending his mail. 19659005] “I seriously claim someone who believes they have been hurt,” Bauman said in a statement that announced the investigation on Saturday. “I look forward to putting these claims behind us and continuing as united Democrats.”

The party’s board could vote to remove Bauman from the office. But Larimore Hall’s call for Bauman’s removal is still several steps from such a vote.


Bauman’s leave comes only a few weeks after the California Democrats made big profits in the middle of the election, which won important congresses in territory long held by Republicans.

A series of allegations of sexual misconduct against team masters, lobbyists and others in politics rocked California’s political world last year at the height of the # MeToo movement. Three democratic men resigned as state legislators after investigators employed by civil servants found that they were probably subject to inappropriate behavior.

Bauman won the party’s presidency last year against Kimberly Ellis after a controversial battle between establishment democrats and progressive activists. During that match, Bauman said he was wrongly focused on rumors as he engaged in inappropriate behavior with teenage boys. Bauman is the party’s first open gay chairman.

Bauman called the rumors “despicable lies” and Ellis condemned them.


First Vice President Alex Rooker will take over Bauman’s duties while the investigation proceeds.

Fox News & # 39; Kaitlyn Schallhorn and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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