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California fires: 5 kill as 3 big blazar burns across the state

The fast wilderness has destroyed thousands of structures, causing thousands of inhabitants to fly, sometimes through jam-filled, flammed streets that…

The fast wilderness has destroyed thousands of structures, causing thousands of inhabitants to fly, sometimes through jam-filled, flammed streets that forced to evacuate whether to try to drive for safety or to run out. 19659002] The Great Camp Fire in northern California left the mayor of Paradise, 26,000 population, in shock.

“There is really not much left. There are very few homes left and we have been to several districts this afternoon,” said mayor Jody Jones. She estimates that only 10-20% of the homes are left.

Five people were found dead in vehicles overcome by elders, Butte County Sheriff Office said.

Two big fires in southern California are just a few miles from the bar where 1

2 people were killed in a mass shooting in a thousand Oaks, and evacuations were commissioned for nearby Malibu, a coastal city that was popular with celebrities.

Fanned by high winds and burned by low moisture and dry vegetation, the fire spreads quickly Thursday and overnight until Friday. The threat continued on Friday, with millions of californians under “red flag” warnings that trigger windy and hot conditions that pose extreme fire hazards.

Here’s what we know about the trio of fires:

Camp Fire: People Fly “With Their Children and Children”

In northern California, panic residents began flying on paradise on Thursday when camp Four swept through it.

On Friday morning, the city’s main road was full of fallen trees and power lines. Much of the breasts and the grass were swept along the valleys, and many trees were still burning, a CNN crew was observed there.

A family evacuated Thursday by driving along the flame of lined roads posted an eye-catching video to Facebook. The recording shows fire that claims houses and trees and sparks blow over the road in front of them. Suddenly the vehicle breaks through a wall of smoke and appears in safety on a clear road.

Jones, Mayor, said that a good deal of business district is gone. And while some trees were present, Jones said that most remained.

“One of the things that are beautiful about paradise is the trees and they are still here …. I did not expect it, but that’s a good thing,” Jones said.

At least 40,000 residents were forced to evacuate from Butte County when the fire burned 70,000 hectares.

Flames were also on the outskirts of Chico, a city of 93,000 people around 90 miles drive north of Sacramento.

The full extent of destruction in the county was still unknown, but the authorities said they believe that as many as 2,000 buildings have been destroyed – most of them in paradise.

Whitney Vaughan described a scene of panic and terror as she reminded of her narrow escape from her paradise home on Thursday morning.

 California wild boar destroys paradise: There was no & # 39; t somewhere to go

Vaughan and her husband had just fled from home as flames rushed them. She saw a man “running in front of the house and wearing a little baby who ran as fast as he could.”

They drove off but eventually caught in traffic. Flames were the feet gone, the smoke was thick, the cars did not move and people panicked. Some people left their cars there “and started running with their children and children.”

She cried when she recorded video of the scary scene she sent to Facebook.

“We thought the fire would kill us,” she told CNN.

Paradise, about 80 miles north of Sacramento, where at least five people were found dead in their vehicles on a road near where Vaughan recorded his video.

The fire burned Western Town at Paramount Ranch, according to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a unit of National Park Service. The buildings were seen in movies and television shows such as “Westworld” and “The Cisco Kid.”

Three firefighters and some civilians have been injured, Cal Fire officials said. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

More than 2 200 firemen fought with the flames and the fire remained incessant, according to Cal Fire.

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