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By killing Jim McElwain and renting Dan Mullen, Gators saved AD Scott Stricklin Florida football

Running off on the typewriter. … What happens if Jim McElwain somehow hit Georgia last year? Should he still be…

Running off on the typewriter. …

What happens if Jim McElwain somehow hit Georgia last year?

Should he still be a coach to Florida Gators instead of Dan Mullen, who has taken over McElwain’s dysfunctional programs and miraculously transformed the entire attitude and outlook of Florida football?

Given the amazing turnaround that has taken place since last year’s Florida-Georgia week when McElwain confronted this death threat and fired just after the 42-7 blowout loss to Dawgs, I asked UF athlete Scott Stricklin on Friday the $ 7.5 million McElwain buyout issue.

Should he have fired Jimmy Mac if Gators had been struck by a monumental upset and struck the untidy, No. 3 Bulldog’s last season?

Stricklin responded to an appearance of my Open Mike Radio Show on the threshold of today’s mammoth matchup between No. 9 Gators and No. 7 Bulldogs: “I’m not going to wonder, but I’ll say it outc omes of games are symptoms of what’s happening in a daily way within your program.”

“I said on the day we made the change last year that it was about more than profits and losses. I’ll stick to it. The result of what happened in Jacksonville a year ago on the field was systemic of what happened everywhere in the program. The things that go away from public opinion are the things that lead to the results within public opinion. “

Translation: Thankfully, the death threat and demoralizing loss to Georgia happened to open the door to Mullen’s program-saving arrival and gave Stricklin the opportunity he needed to get rid of McElwain, which in my opinion would go down as the worst

Mikey likes: Georgia over Florida with 6 in Point Spread Upset Special, Clemson over Florida State with 7 in Point Spread Upset Special II, USF over Houston with 4 in Upset Special, Eagles Over Jags with 8 in Bortles Make-or-Blake Games, Bucs Over Bengals with 4 in Upset Special II, UCF AD Danny White over Kirk Herbstreit of Appy State’s Blowout Loss to Georgia Southern. UF Stricklin talked about his citizen in the state of AD (and brother of Gator basketball coach Mike White) to aggressively bet on UCF’s football program. Stricklin said: “It can be frustrating when your program does not get the respect you feel down for it deserves. You can not be in this business and not admire what he did. “…

When you stop reading this sentence, Deshaun Watson will have thrown another three touchdown passes against the dolphins. … Judging by some of the reprints I’ve seen on social media, I think they should change Nickname for today’s Florida-Georgia game to “The world’s largest outdoor UCF is not invited cocktail party.” … Is not that the height of hypocrisy like college basketball balls and even college basketball analysts can get paid millions of dollars from sneaker companies, but college basketball players can not even accept a free meal from these same sneaker companies? Why is Kansas player Silvio De Sousa not allowed to play while school reviews are made in the Adidas trial but coach Bill Self and his assistants who were also accused of breaking NCAA- rules under trial, still allowed to coach? Should not coaches be held to higher standards than players? Just sayin ‘…

Blake Bortles begins at Jaguar on Sunday gene in london but ESPN reports that he is on a “short couple”. With the dog analogy on, my friend Brandon broke the other day, maybe coach Doug Marrone should fit Blake with a bullet and snap him every time he commits a turnover. Ouch! … If our government held secrets like Josh Heupel, McKenzie hid Milton’s damage, our great nation would be much better! … You know the old Don Henley song, “End of the Innocence?” Henley needs to write a follower for college football fans and analysts who continue to track incorrect information about Danny White who did not try to plan the Power 5 opponent for UCF. Just call it, “End of infinity.” … Prediction in the wake of Ohio State who lost Purdue last week: Urban Meyer will soon announce he is going down to spend more time with his ESPN family. …

Last words: Billionaire Tony Ressler, in an interview with The Athletic, took over as a neophyte owner of Atlanta Hawks three years ago and immediately made a deal to sign Dwight Howard to a three-year, $ 70.5 million contract before trading him a year later: “It’s like the story of a poker game when you look around, and you’re wondering who the fish are. If you do not know the answer, it’s probably you. I do not want to blame anyone else because I was the schmuck. I realized the mistake minute after I did. “

Moral of the story: Dwight Howard has schmucked up every NBA franchise he has ever played.

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