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By hand, this is how Google Pixel 2 wallpapers were designed

By hand, this is how Google Pixel 2 wallpapers were designed

There are few firms that take care of the details, and Google, as it could not be otherwise, is an exception. The big G is responsible for marking the lines of Android design, and the wallpapers themselves are part of this game . The application of Google wallpapers is one of the most careful and updated today, although we had no idea of ​​all the work that could come to be behind .

Today, we teach you how Google designed some of its best wallpapers , and is that he made a process that we do not usually see too much in photography, in this era in which absolutely everything is digitized.

This is how the Google Pixel 2 wallpapers were designed

As we can see in Kote’s Twitter account, one of the best photographers in the country Google hired the services ofYto create the wallpapers of the Google Pixel 2. With real objects, recreated scenes that were then photographed and processed to be converted into wallpapers, something quite unusual, in this era in which Photoshop and Ilustrator save us hours of physical work.

It is striking that Google has resorted to this resource, which adds to the list of those little great things that Google does for the users, although no one notices. We hope that for the third Pixel, we will see this type of work again , and is that Material Design 2 will come loaded with surprises, and may be the wallpapers are one of them.