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Butler High School Shooting: A student shot and killed, another was detained at North Carolina High School today – live updates

MATTHEWS, N.C. – A pupil was shot during a match at a northern college Monday morning and eventually died, police…

MATTHEWS, N.C. – A pupil was shot during a match at a northern college Monday morning and eventually died, police said. Police department in Matthews, about 12 miles southeast of Charlotte, said another student was taken in custody after the shot at Butler’s High School.

The wounded student was transported to a hospital and died there, police said Capt. Stason Tyrrell at a press conference. “It has been an extremely tragic event for us here in Matthews for Butler College,” said Tyrrell.

Tyrrell said the match was in a hall filled with students. The shot was considered an isolated incident, the police said on Facebook. Tyrrell did not release the victim’s age or identity but referred to the student as male.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox told WSOC TV that the fired gun was angry with another student, leading to the shot.

“We are incredibly sad, and we are sorry for this family,” Wilcox said. “But we are also sorry for the young who thought the only way to solve this problem was with a gun.”

The District of Charlotte-Mecklenburg school area said on Facebook that the weapon had been secured by law enforcement. The school was placed on lockdown, which has then been lifted.

“No immediate danger exists and an investigation continues,” said the school district. Families were allowed to retrieve students from the entrance to the campus.

Before the lock was lifted, dozens of parents outside the school gathered to wait for the students. Several parents told local TV channels that they felt confused and unsure where they would meet their children. Video provided to CBS affiliate WNCN by a beginner student showed panic in a crowded hall in the aftermath of the event.

“A child is taken … Children cry. It’s a mess” can the student be heard to say.

When students left, television recordings showed the students to flow out, with many crying and hugging parents.

In a statement released to the station, North Carolina State Superintendent Mark Johnson said “I’m heartbreaked because we heard we’ve lost a student to school violence in one of our schools.”

“We’ve contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities and help us in any way we can, but of course, our first thoughts for the parents and other loved ones are in a student who passed away, “Johnson said. “The security of our students is crucial. This is a sad day for North Carolina, and we must work together as a society to deal with these issues.”

Classes would be held for students remaining on campus, said the district.

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