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Bungie reveals how the new power level will work in Destiny 2: Black Armory

November 30, 2018 Technology 3 Views In this week's blog post, Bungie revealed how the players will be able to…

In this week’s blog post, Bungie revealed how the players will be able to beat power level 650 when Destiny 2 : Black Armory appears next week. This will increase the power level by 50 points, giving the most dedicated Destiny players a new goal to shoot.

To earn items over 600 power, the players simply need Forsaken not the Annual Pass and Black Armory . But Black Armory and other Annual Pass expansions down the line come with new activities and missions that give players more weekly opportunities to increase their power levels in the game.

To increase power boost at the lower levels, players who still have 550 power will have a greater chance of earning Prime Engrams random high-power objects. Players under power 500 will still be able to increase their power boost with a few drops in the world, but the tissue will be 500 for all others, meaning that the blue weapons and armor will not be useful beyond that point.

For players looking for a new goal, the upcoming raid of the last raid &#821

1; exclusive to Black Armory players – will be released at a recommended power level of 640. To achieve this goal, players can continue to do all the activities offered in Destiny 2: Forsaken – as the last wish – as well as the new powerful options available in Black Armory .

Destiny 2

2: Black Armory will be made available to Destiny 2 Annual Pass Owner on December 4th.

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