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Bungie Already Tweaks Current Destiny 2 Expansion to Reduce Grind

December 6, 2018 Technology 4 Views One day after releasing their game's new Black Armory expansion, the creators of Destiny…

One day after releasing their game’s new Black Armory expansion, the creators of Destiny 2 create the requirements for participating in the new content selection feature, a series of weapon-based activities called Lost Forges. They also acknowledge that the claim reduction is small but the best they can do right now.

“It has become clear that we made the initial requirements for the lost crowds too high,” says the game’s creator in a blog post today. They noted that players who have 600 power levels have “unable to enter and beat the final boss without sharpening new power first”.

As a result, they say that the requirements for power-level requirements have only been dropped by five, a change they could make on game servers without patching the game.

“We fully recognize that this is a small move, but that’s what we can do today,” they said. “This is not the full extent of the changes in the gaming experience we are investigating, but it should give the 600 Power Guardians a better chance of completing the activity.”

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Yesterday, our own Jason Schreier noted that the demands on the black armor’s demands level made the Forge violent task force:

all available today in Black Armory is designed for hardcore high level Destiny 2 players who do not mind the treadmill. Bungie has increased the Prime Engram award to anyone under 550, making the leveling a little more enjoyable, but it’s still a very long way to 610, the least you need to make the first Forge. (And the word gets smoother gets worse when you go and the boss is 630.)

While it’s cool that Bungie regularly listen to fan complaints it’s constantly puzzling how they can not see these things coming. In a new videohyping Destiny 2 ‘s new wave of content, the game’s creative director Steve Cotton and production director Scott Taylor joked that they were not high levels but went into this content.

“I’m not at 600 yet,” said Cotton. “I do not know if you are.”

“No,” Taylor replied. “580.”

“564 I think,” said Cotton.

“He went on vacation,” said Taylor.

It was a lot of fun but I felt really, so here are people who record a lot can actually be on.

Players of games often have more time to play through games than the people who make them (or cover them), but maybe this was a warning sign for Bungie themselves that they would set this new release to be for tough for too many who care about the game.

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