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Bunch Points $ 3.8M to make mobile games for video chat LAN parties – TechCrunch

The best parts of the game are jokes and trash talking to friends. Whether it was a player Goldeneye or…

The best parts of the game are jokes and trash talking to friends. Whether it was a player Goldeneye or linking computers to Quake battles in the basement, the social element video game is exciting. But on the phone we have lost a lot of it, playing quietly ourselves, even if we are in a group of friends elsewhere. Bunch wants to take laughter back to mobile games by letting you sync with friends and videos while playing. It already works with hits like Fortnite and Roblox, and developer of titles like Spaceteam integrates Bunch’s SDK to inspire longer game sessions.

Bunch is like Discord for mobile and the chance to challenge the gaming social Network Unicorn has attracted a $ 3.8 million seed run by London Venture Partners and joined the Founders Fund, Betaworks, North Zone , Streamlined Ventures, 500 Startups and more. With Bunch already breaking the top 100 social iOS app chart, it is planning a launch on Android. The cash will go to add features like meeting new people to play with or share in replies, plus increasing user acquisition and development partnerships.

“I and my founder grew up with LAN parties and played games like Starcraft and Counter Strike – how much fun is the living joke you have with friends” Bunch founder and CEO Selcuk Atli tells me. “We wanted to bring this kind of mobile experience, where players could play with friends at any time.”

Bunch Team

Atli was a collaborator of 500 Startups after co-operation and sales of two adtech companies: Manifest Commerce to Rakuten and Boostable to Metric Collective. But before he started, he started a game magazine called Aftercala in Turkey at the age of 12 and editors twice his age, because “on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”, he tells me. Atli collaborated with Google senior mobile developer Jason Liang and a senior developer from startups like MUSE and Mox called Jordan Howlett to create Bunch.

Over a year ago, we built our first prototype. At the moment we tried it ourselves, we saw that there was nothing we’ve experienced on our phones before” Atli says to me. The team raised a $ 500,000 pre-seed and launched its app in March. “Popular mobile games become and live games come to mobile devices,” said David Lau-Kee, general partner at London Venture Partners. “With this massive shift going on players need better experiences to connect with friends and play together.”

When you log in to Bunch’s iOS app, you’ll see which friends are online and what they play, plus a selection of games you can postpone. Bundle overlay group voice or video chat on screen so you can strategize or satirize with up to eight friends. And if developers are building in Bunch’s SDK, they can do more advanced things with video chat like tying the friends’ faces to their game characters. It’s a bit like OpenFeint or iOS Game Center mixed with HouseParty.

Currently, Bunch can not make money because it hopes to reach massive scale first, but Atli believes they can sell expression tools like emotes, voice and video filters and more. Growing big will require to beat Discord in their own game. The social giant now has over 130 million users over PC, console and mobile. But it’s also a bit too hardcore for some of today’s casual mobile players, which requires you to configure your own servers. ” I find that driving speed is most critical of our success or failure,” Atli says. Bunch’s only focus on making mobile game chat as easy as possible can win it as a regular audience seduced by Fortnite, HQ Trivia and other phenomena.

Research shows more that online experiences can be isolated and games are a big sinner. Hours spent alone can make you feel more exhausted than fulfilled. But through video chat games can exceed the digital and become a new way to create memories with friends no matter where they are.

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