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BTS agency apologizes for nuclear bomb shirt, Nazi hat

FILE- In September 24, 2018 file file, members of the Korean K-Pop Group participate in a meeting of the UN…

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – The K-pop superstar office BTS told Wednesday members wearing a T-shirt showing the explosion of an atomic bomb and a hat with a Nazi emblem.

Japanese television broadcasters discontinued recently planned appearances of the band in that country after the pictures had gone for the musician’s viral wear on the shirt. The South Korean band ran into more problems after the news broke out that another member had a hat with a Nazi symbol in a newspaper photobook and band members flew flags with what appeared to be Nazi swastika during a concert earlier.

“We want to once again offer our sincere apologies to anyone who has suffered from pain, discomfort and discomfort due to our shortcomings and surveillance to ensure that these issues receive our most careful attention,” the band says, The Big Hit Entertainment, in a statement.

The t-shirt represented a nuclear bombing instead of the celebration of Korea’s 1945 liberation from Japan at the end of World War II. The United States released atomic bombs in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the abandonment of Tokyo.

Before sharing In the north and south of Korea after the liberation, the Korean Peninsula was colonized by Japan 1910-1945. Many in both Koreas are still strongly opposed to the Japanese colonial masters. But in South Korea it is extremely rare for anyone to celebrate or attack the nuclear bombings publicly. more than 200,000. According to South Korean experts, about 50,000 were of the dead Koreans, many mobilized heavily as workers of the Japanese.

The BTS agency said the wearing of the A-bomb shirt was “in some way intentional” and that it was not designed to “hurt or illuminate those who suffered from nuclear weapons”. It said it still apologizes for “not taking precautions that could have prevented our artists from wearing such clothes.”

As far as the hat furor is concerned, all the clothing and accessories used for the photo book were provided by a media company participating in the publication. It said that the current flags aimed at symbolizing South Korea’s restrictive unified and authoritarian education systems, not Naziism.

“We will carefully review and review not only these issues without all activities involving Big Hit and our artists based on an enterprise understanding of various social, historical and cultural considerations to ensure that we never cause any harm, pain or

Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish rights organization who had condemned BTS over the problems, said it welcomed apologies issued by the band’s bureau.

“The upset incidents reveal a basic lack of knowledge about the darkest chapter in history, endangering the future of the younger generations, “says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean at the US Center.” We reach out to BTS and their leadership to urge that they exploit their international fame to celebrate the good, not serve the wickedness . “

The seven member band, which has a worldwide presence Ljd, is the first South Korean artist in May to top the Billboard 200 album schedule with “Love Yourself: Tear.” The band began its Japan tour earlier this week.

South Korean K-pop and movie stars are extremely popular in Japan and other Asian countries.

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