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BTS & # 39; 2019 Grammy Nomination for Best Recording Package: Why It's Important

A best recording node marks a breakthrough for the band and their teams and honors their commitment to the concept.…

A best recording node marks a breakthrough for the band and their teams and honors their commitment to the concept.

The BTS legacy just hit a new milestone with the South Korean pop band and their teams earn their very first Grammy recognition at the upcoming 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

BTS Love yourself: Tear album has been nominated for the best recording package. The album, which beat No. 1 on Billboard 200 in May, marks the first recognition for the group and a huge breakthrough for the Korean music scene. The album is nominated with HuskyFox, which is listed on the official Love Yourself: Tear credits for “artwork”. HuskyFox is a Seoul based professional brand company that, according to their website, aims to “create a relationship between brands and users by creating an identity through brand language and visual elements for experiencing design.”

Love Self: Tear nominated together with St. Vincents Masseduction Mitskis Be the Cowboy The President’s Offer and Foxhole’s Well Helt Thing . As fans can certify, BTS & # 39; Love Yourself: Tear has some of the most beautiful album packages in recent years &#821

1; eradicating BTS’s known commitment to display visual in their packaging to stand out as some of the most impressive in the very visual K-pop scene. Each of the three albums in BTS Love Yourself series came in four different versions with each version with its own set of concept images. Tear was noticeable for its more subdued color scheme, where members have the same dark hair colors and subdued and easy way – all in line with the theme of the heartbreak and sorrow of the album.

BTS, which serves the recognition (along with their artwork), is an additional proof of the importance of the major teams working together to not only get high quality music without overall visual and packaging that coincide with larger

Nomination for BTS & # 19; Love Yourself: Tear marks a great moment for inclusion and appreciation for South Korea’s breakout artists, and is an important step inside and draws attention to the notorious traditional recording academy.

At the year’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2017, there was a tie for the winner of the best album. The art directors Sasha Barr, Ed Steed and Josh Tillman won the award with Indian rock artist Father John Misty for his album Pure Comedy (Deluxe) along with Carlos Dussán, Juliana Jaramillo, Juan Felipe Martínez and Claudio Roncoli, the art directors working with Colombian music Magín Díaz on his album El Orisha de la Rosa .

While one of the more complicated pricing structures is awarded to the award winning winners of the album album in package categories, such as Billboard confirmed by The Recording Academy. The artist is not nominated unless they are also credited as art director. As far as Father John Misty’s page on is concerned, he is listed as a one-time winner for the best album in his three nominations, as Tillman is the father of John Misty’s legal name. Meanwhile, Magín Díaz is not listed as a winner on, but HuskyFox now has an official nomination page.

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