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Bruce Irvin signs Falcons; ex-raiders side rusher cleared exceptions

Coach Jon Gruden called a meeting of Raiders rookie class before he apologized to the players for a long weekend.…

Coach Jon Gruden called a meeting of Raiders rookie class before he apologized to the players for a long weekend.

The collection came one day after Thursday night’s strike in Santa Clara, a national televised embarrassment that dropped Silver and Black to 1-7 at the season’s halfway.

The message was simple: We are pleased with your progress. We still need better.

“He told us he needed more from his rookies,” said the third round. “He needs more, more, more. He said we are doing quite well, but we need more.” We have to lead the league in effort, and we do not. “We need to make more effort, run to the ball and things of that sort. It was an alarm clock for us. “

Demanding immediate consequences of newly employed professionals is a difficult issue. They prepared outside the first round of non-battles are rare. Most of them do not play significant snaps when they learn the NFL rope.

Raiders do not have that option. This season is down the drain, with a little left to pick up from those on roster. The raiders seem to have survived. They must weigh eight remaining games and get to an offseason loaded with draft and profitability. Most veterans are short-term and will not be retained. Most higher levels, before the 201

8 draft, have already been cut.

This is a roster training, unlike what is happening in the latest NFL story, leaving a group to lay the foundation for the future.

This rookie will be around, giving opportunities and time to flourish under the horror and defense coordinator Paul Guenther.

The Raidersna has an 11-year rookie class, with eight chosen this year’s draft. Many are expected to remain in the starting line despite taking some lumps this season. Offensive tackles Kolton Miller and Brandon Parker could book the reservation. Key, PJ Hall and Maurice Hurst will grow together along the defensive front.

Nick Nelson integrates into the secondary, and joins Johnny Townsend learns at work.

Every guy has made a lot of mistakes this season and Gruden wants young players to tighten their game and produce more, more, more.

“He has a lot of confidence for us, but he wants better,” said Key. “As a beginners class, we are successful, but he does not want us to think of ourselves as rookies. He wants to play as veterinarians to play as if we have been in the league five plus years. We took it as a challenge, and we must move on to that challenge. “

The bet begins this week, which begins the second half of the season.

“There was a big alarm clock,” said Key. . “Today we came out and practiced hard and we will continue to build on it.”

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